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5 Tips to Reduce Karma

Updated: May 4, 2021

Karma is the energy traits of an individual's thoughts, words and actions stored in the energy fields, mainly in the chakras. Ascension is truly about reducing the karma & energy slush to increase the light quotient. As a human being to experience the physical existence on Earth, ego is part of the package that creates karma. Do you know even a slightest negativity creates karma? No one can really pass a day without making karma, and the key for ascension is to pay more karma than you make. Just like the debts in the credit card, how to bring the them down while there are more deficits adding to it? Here I'm sharing 5 useful tips to reduce karma.

Tip #1: Living from the heart

Be mindful and consciously living the days with heart-based thoughts, words & actions can prevent you from creating more karma. In some Buddhist practices for example, they are teaching people to observe or correct their thoughts, words or actions by different types of mediation or mantras. Many spiritual communities also promote unconditional love, which helps to create less karma but it doesn't mean paying the karma.

Tip #2: Essential / Energy Oils

With the rising planetary vibration and many new modalities available, we don't have to pay all karma through suffering physically, mentally or emotionally. Applying the essential oils or flower essences especially made for releasing the energy slush in the chakras are helpful. Personally I found using Violet Flame Oil* has helped me a lot. They don't directly reduce the karma but can speed up the process.

Tip #3: Crystals

As we know different crystals have different healing properties, you can place them in your chakras for clearing, some are good for clearing your aura & energy bodies. I have a couple of crystals that are attuned by the Ascend Masters to clear my astral & emotional bodies on daily basis, I have another powerful crystal portal that clears my etheric/physical body, etc. These are helpful tools to make your ascension journey easier.

Tip #4: Healing/Clearing from Masters

As mentioned in my previous posts, the Ascended Masters are here to support our ascension. They are not only giving us guidance but also clearing out the karma for us. If you want to take the faster path, receive healings from the Ascended Masters to clear out your energy bodies and blockages, etc. will definitely help to speed up the releasing process and reduce your karma quicker.

Tip #5: Divine Services

Offering selfless serves to others helps to decrease karma. They can be donation, charity work, community services, etc. You can also move to a deeper level of services which I call it "Divine Service". Divine Service is driven by the Divine Will which comes from the Source/Creator or God Self. Sometimes the Creator/Source or Super-consciousness beings can withhold the karma and allow you to pay your karma by Divine Service. I'll share more details in the future if you are interested, please let me know in the comments.

By applying these approaches and various inner work, my karma has been decreased from 30%~40% to 10%~20% in the past 6 months. That means the radiance rate in my chakras are currently between 80%~90%, I'm expecting to reach 100% in 3~6 months. Anyone who reaches 100% light quotient in the chakras, they have paid all the karma and permanently left the cycle of reincarnation/rebirth will then move on to the next phase of ascension.

In the coming posts I'll be sharing how the Ascended Masters can assist in many different areas in your ascension journey, from October I'll be working with Ascended Masters to offer Ascension Healing sessions, please check out the Services and there are more to come. Welcome to subscribe my website to receive the latest blog and services updates. Sending much love & blessings!

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

** Image Credit: OmniGeometry

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