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Hi! I am so excited to connect with you, and am grateful that you have made the choice to visit my pages! I am an Energy Healer, Akashic Record Reader and Intuitive Coach. My spiritual journey has taken me all over the world, from my origins with my family in Taiwan, to Australia, America, India, and Europe including the UK, taking in many of the greatest sacred sites of the planet, meeting spiritual masters in the process, and always learning many things along the way! 

Joy Vottus

I have walked an interesting spiritual journey of personal ascension, practicing meditation and energy work at the highest level. I have a particular interest in unravelling blockages that hold back our spiritual evolution. Pursuing our true desires and ambitions in this life, whilst treading lightly in order to navigate the rich possibilities of self-fulfillment without damage to self, or others, is of utmost importance.


My own personal spiritual journey has pulled me from a life that was spent following the norms that I felt were expected of me, to discovering my own authentic voice and personal vision of who I am! Along the way I have revealed many energetic masks and coverings that were given to me by others, which I took on as being myself without being aware of it.


We all carry around structures within us, attached to our energetic bodies, which have not been consciously chosen by us, but rather have been absorbed from others’ projections onto us, whether from parents, siblings, friends, or the cultural conditioning of the place and time we were born into. We also carry  much forward from past lives, energy that has not been cleared.


Uncovering one’s true naked, authentic self, is a work that can bring one to a place of clarity. By removing energetic blockages, false beliefs and energetic attachments that do not serve us, we are liberated to live the life we truly wish, and be authentic about our real needs and desires.


When I am not working, you might find me strolling along the beach, breathing in the sea air, painting mandalas, or enjoying light music. I am so happy to connect with you, and hope you will reach out to discuss how I can help you. It is my pleasure to serve you, and help you on your journey of liberation and self-realisation!


My Modalities

Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Quantum Touch healer, and Access Bars (Access Consciousness) as well as other forms of Energy Healing. I have a special love of accessing Past Life information via the Akashic Records, and use dowsing to uncover energy blockages. 


I work intuitively with energy and am also able to connect to Ascended Masters and the Archangelic realm to act as an energetic channel for higher realms. This is work I love, and I hope you will check out my Youtube channel for regular energy transmissions and light code activations, and connect with me on Facebook for daily inspirations!


I also make custom mandalas for my clients which act as energy portals and meditation aids, please contact me if this might interest you! .

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