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The Naked Truth About Higher Self

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Most people walking on the spiritual path know ways to connect to Higher Self, but not many people know our true connection & relationship with our Higher Selves. Do you actually know we share other dimensional lives with the same Higher Self? Do you know how to embody Higher Self in the physical body 100% not just the "connection"? Here I'm going to share the naked truth about Higher Self that I believe not many people are aware of.

Our Higher Selves are like our parents, giving birth to us to experience different lives, like any parents can have more than one child, it applies to our Higher Selves, too. These lives exist in groups of 3 crossing different dimensions, the newer the soul, the fewer the dimensional lives, some people only have this life. The more we ascend the greater number of dimensional lives, so each Higher Self may have 3, 6, 9... or more lives happening at the same time*. Most of us have other dimensional lives under the supervision of the same Higher Self, when it comes to the final ascension, the Higher Self is playing out all the dimensional lives.

Where is Higher Self located? Higher Self floats above the head, we can connect to our Higher Self through the Holy Heart*. Many people can consciously "connect" to the Higher Self but not able to "embody" it, why? It's all about vibration match. Because Higher Self is very pure and can only reside in the physical body that is of pure light. There are still lots of work need to be done before it can actually happen.

So the next question is how to embody Higher Self? There are some different stages involved, in short, when we clear out 100% of karma, then we wait for other dimensional live's karma to be paid/cleared. Our other dimensional lives will be reduced along the way as we're working on releasing our karma. Each of us have an Ascended Master assisting the Higher Self overseeing the other dimensional lives*. When all dimensional lives' karma have been cleared then the Higher Self becomes the Ascended Master, the embodiment of the Higher Self in physical body will then become possible.

For a long time, I had the perception of connecting to Higher Self or Source is all what's needed for ascension. Until I have deeper understanding about the true ascension path, I started to realise the importance of Ascended Masters. As mentioned earlier, Higher Self's job is overseeing the different dimensional lives and having other things to do. Just like parents send their children to school, it's the school teachers helping the students to pass the exams and graduate from school. Ascended Masters therefore play the teacher's role in our ascension journey, it's their job and why they show up for.

We all have Ascended Masters walking with us for ascension, they are here to assist us clearing out our karma and dross (energy slush) stored in the chakras and energy bodies. The Ascended Masters are not with us forever, when we clear out 100% of karma and dross, the Ascended Masters will depart and leave the lower self (us) to the Higher Self, it will then move into the next phase of merging the lower self and Higher Self to become One. This is the time when the true embodiment of Higher Self in physical body happens.

In the next post I'll be sharing "How to reduce karma" including how the Ascended Masters can assist you in different areas in your ascension journey, from October I'll be working with Ascended Masters to offer Ascension Healing sessions, please check out the Services and there are more to come. Welcome to subscribe my website to receive the latest blog and services updates. Sending much love & blessings!

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

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