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Secrets about Earth Star & Ascension

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

When we talk about Earth Star (which is usually 15 cm below our feet), most people would associate with grounding. Indeed, as human beings, Earth Star is our anchor on this planet and the core connection to this dimension, but it's more than that. I wasn't able to relate Earth Star with the reincarnation/rebirth cycle and ascension until I found the answer, and this gives a crystal clear explanation why we need to clear out all of our karma in order to ascend fully...

According to the teaching from Mother Earth (Papatuanuku)*, when any souls begin to experience physical life on this planet for the first time, Mother Earth creates a Earth Star for every single soul to be anchored in the physical body. Earth Star plays the role as a Master Chakra because in the death process, all of our chakras are downloaded back to the Earth Star, which will then sink into Mother Earth's body. When we are reborn and reconnect to the Earth Star, all the karma/dross and past life baggage are uploaded to the chakras again.

That's why we see new born babies are very pure, as they grow older the karma/dross and baggage from the past lives are gradually reloaded back to their chakras (by the age of 14). This also explains why we are holding the past lives' karma through chakras, as long as we still have karma/dross stored in the chakras, they will be drawn back to Mother Earth until our next rebirth. In short, because of this Earth Star connection we have with Mother Earth, our reincarnation/rebirth cycle repeats over and over again until we're ready to break the cycle.

As mentioned in the previous post, some people consider love & compassion are the tickets to ascension, it's not all of it. We still need to work on releasing the karma more than we create, this is what ascension is all about ~ raising the light quotient & consciousness until our chakras have 100% radiance of light. What happens when we clear out all karma stored in the chakras? Mother Earth will cut the silver cord and hand us to the Father, the Earth Star will be replaced with celestial star of the Father. Therefore in our final "physical death", we no longer have Earth Star attached to us for rebirth/reincarnation, this is the true ascension.

After 15,000 ~ 25,000 lives of reincarnation/rebirth on Earth, many of us are ready to graduate and ascend from this planet to the next stage of spiritual evolution. I'm also in the process of moving out the rebirth/reincarnation cycle by doing lots of inner work, I'll be sharing more about my awakening/ascension journey and experiences to assist with yours. In the next post I'm going to talk about Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and their roles. Please subscribe if you don't want to miss out the latest posts.

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

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