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Joy's main offerings include Akashic Record reading / clearing, Soul realignment coaching, and ascension healing. This is where she connects with her Higher Self and Masters to accelerate personal transformation on multi-dimensional levels. You can access some free healing, meditation videos and teachings through her YouTube channel or Blog


Joy is a certified advanced Soul Realignment practitioner. Through accessing the Akashic Records, she assists people dive into their Soul profiles to uncover their Soul's original Divine Blueprints, reveal past / present life negative karmic patterns, clearing the soul-level blocks & restrictions for Soul Realignment on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 

  • Empowerment Portal Meditation

  • Ascension Healing & Activation

  • Akashic Record Reading / Clearing 

  • Soul Realignment Coaching 

  • Crystal Infused Mandala


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akashic record reading / clearing


for Soul Realignment

Find out your Soul's profile and special gifts, your Soul's origination (planetary star system), life lessons and ascension guides team, etc. Uncover karmic patterns in your life situations, relationships, clearing the soul-level blocks & restrictions, etc. for Soul Realignment.

soul realignment coaching

Soul Realignment


for Transformation

One-on-one support for your life situations, life lessons, relationship issues, and communication with ascension guides team, etc. Intuitive coaching and energy support are offered to accelerate your Divine Soul Blueprint realignment for personal transformation, prosperity and success.

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Live Sessions & Recordings

Receive powerful energy transmissions, activations and guidance from the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters... to raise your light quotient, accelerate your soul evolution, consciousness expansion, and ascension.

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Live Sessions & Recordings

Immerse yourself in the guided meditation with energy transmission from the portals and Masters,  connect to the divine energy to raise your vibration and empower the limitless potential within you that can truly change your life.




for Upliftment 

Connect to the Divine energy through various mandala portals in the video recordings or own a physical dot mandala that is energized by a variety of etheric crystals at your choice. They are ideal for meditation, energy clearing/healing, raise vibration, energize water and food, also an unique gift for someone special. 


Testimonials around the World

“I started meditations with Joy in early June. Although I’d always been very spiritual, I was feeling quite vulnerable & still very much stuck in the aftermath of my 6th miscarriage! From the moment I started in her weekly class, life as I knew it changed in every way and for the better. During her deep meditations I received countless messages both visual & verbal about how I needed to proceed in order to succeed. I am now working in a job that supports the emotional & physical needs of the most vulnerable people in our communities & also planning our wedding that we have been putting off for too many years. Things are moving forward and the messages keep coming. Joy also embraces you as a friend as if she has known you for years. We all have created a very strong bond in her class & feel very lucky to have this support & guidance. The class with Joy is truly life changing!!!” ~ Lisamarie, Umina Beach, Australia

“When I started going to Joy I had chronic low iron due to severe PMS symptoms & had even started getting Iron infusions from my doctor. However after just 3 energy treatments with Joy focussing on my pelvic area my PMS completely regulated & my chronic symptoms disappeared. I now have a regular cycle again & don’t have to take to bed for days every month. These healing treatments really have changed everything!!!” ~ Lisa, Central Coast, Australia

“Much love to you Joy. You are a great spiritual teacher and the best thing you did was find the strength to break away and give yourself to us; thank you xx” ~ Melita, Welwyn Garden City, UK


“She is so adorable, precisely efficient, diligent, and trustworthy giving proper motivation, inspirational and life giving advice to each and everyone who need a path to a life's journey.” ~ Gerardo, British Columbia, Canada

“I watched your YT video about what’s going on. Thank you for sharing your perspective, everything you stated made sense to me. Thank you for all the time and energy it must take to record, edit and upload a video. I wanted you to know I apricate all your efforts!” ~ Connie, Charlotte, NC, USA

“I’m so happy to have you in my life to help me going though my life! I felt so alone and lost but now I feel somebody cares. And this make all the difference. Merci Joy. Je t aime” ~ Vittoria, Brussels, Belgium

"I have followed you for about 4 years now. I don't even remember how I found you… You have always been such a brilliant light on my news feed. You helped me by sharing what you know and by being a trustworthy being - it is easy to follow someone that resonates with my soul." ~ Bethany, Washington, USA

"I feel lighter and filled with joy... blessings for sharing your energy with us... it's the best I've felt since hurting my back in July. Surgery two weeks ago and lots of wonderful energy. Thank you for coming into my life." ~ Skye, Tres Piedras, New Mexico, USA

"Yesterday I had a  half hour healing session with Joy which I found to be  very beneficial.
As soon as she placed her hands  on my feet I felt the energy begin to shift. I had been experiencing extreme upper back pain & muscle  aching, luckily Joy intuitively knew where to place her hands for healing & worked on my upper back which gave me great relief instantly.
I felt a bright green light surround me & flow through my head & neck down through my spine. It was truly magical. Even this morning a day later I awoke as if in a completely different body, less aches, more energetic & hubby even remarked how I seemed to be back to my bubbly self. Thank you Joy!" ~ Lizzy, NSW, Australia

"Been a (Facebook) friend for over a year. All your posts have helped me in my daily life on my spiritual path. Your mediations are awesome and helped me be more focused and be at peace." ~ Sumayya, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"We have been Facebook friends since late 2015; your posts and videos are often paradigm shifts for me, so help to reframe or think about things differently. I'm grateful for the work you do and being a consistent positive and truth telling poster, even when the truth is not popular." ~ Liz, Sydney, Australia

"We have been FB friends for a few years now. Your posts of light and positive vibrations help me whenever I come across those & the feeling I can’t help but feel that we both had emerged from darker places that were the catalyst for this new journey, provides an extra layer of feeling of understanding." ~ Sky, Berkshires in the USA

"Much love to you Joy. You are a great spiritual teacher and the best thing you did was find the strength to break away and give yourself to us; thank you xx" ~ Melita, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK

"You are SO BEAUTIFUL! I remember when you were leaving that group! I saw your exit and followed behind. I never told you how proud I was of you for the way you handled that. At least the part I witnessed. I’m sorry that happened to you but very thankful I saw because until THAT day I never took my spiritual journey seriously. And now I’m my journey to living my best life! Thank you Joy Kuo!" ~ Deborah, Arizona, USA


"The list of ways you have helped me and my life is so many ways but the most important way is having faith in myself and my purpose. Thank you for all you do in this container." ~ Brandie, Puerto Rico


"You have opened up my soul. I am taking baby steps in discovering myself as I have shed the shackles of society and I know I have so much to learn. Thank you for changing lives." ~ Blanche, Canada

"I love all your videos on Youtube they have been very informative, I really loved watching your trip to Nicola Tesla’s hotel for your birthday that was lovely to share with you the experience" ~ Jennifer, Ireland

"I have followed you for about 4 years now. I don't even remember how I found you... You have always been such a brilliant light on my news feed. You helped me by sharing what you know and by being a trustworthy being - it is easy to follow someone that resonates with my soul." ~ Bethany, Washington State, USA

"Your meditation on YouTube have helped me greatly I appreciate them." ~ Annmaire, Ireland

"Thanks Joy for getting me deeper and awaking my spirituality and will continue with you, thank you once again." ~ John, Cairns, Australia  

"We've been friends for about 4-5 years found you as I started journeying into my enlightenment which helped me a lot through tough times." ~ Mary, Philippines


"Your posts have helped me on my journey towards healing and inspired me to move forward." ~ Tammy, South Africa

"We have been friends for about 2 yrs I think. I follow you on Instagram too. I find your posts very inspiring and informative as well as your you tube videos." ~ Ash, USA

"We are friends in Facebook since years, your posts have helped me in a way that I realize that all the solutions are possible." ~ Nipun, India

"Love and like your teachings... it has helped me to overcome a lot of obstacles." ~ T. Prosper, Ghana

"Your posts often give me another perspective & encourage me to become my "higher self" as well as allowing me to share these posts & encourage others to improve their journeys too." ~ Michelle, Alabama, USA


"I've been Facebook friends for around two years, I love everything you post, its all relevant for the journey I'm on, xo" ~ Sharon, New Zealand 

"Your posts helped me become more aware of what’s going on, question many things and become more spiritual." ~ Joy, Philippines

"Your posts open my eyes in becoming more aware of my spirituality and growth as a human. I appreciate all that you do for us." ~ Rita, Canada

"Friends on fb for almost 2 years. Your posts help me through a dark time and you guided me to see the light." ~ Zelna, South Africa

"I've been your fb friends about 2 years now, perhaps closer to 3. Your posts often point me in a direction I haven't sometimes thought of before and allow me to dig a little deeper." ~ Jennifer, midwest United States

"We have been Facebook friends for about 2 years. I find your posts uplifting and that they help me stay positive." ~ Soraya, London, UK

"Your posts remind me the things what I know but I tend to "forget" about coz I'm in my hardest period in my life in every point and don't see the solve just hope and wait... thank you!" ~ Magdolna, Hungary


"I came across you through something you posted, many of your post spark something within me I have resonated with many topics you have spoken about." ~ Shazza, New Zealand.

"We are friends on Facebook already few years. Your posts provided some information/encouragement on my spiritual journey." ~ Elena, Australia 

"We have been Facebook friends for over a year now if not longer. I often use your posts as my daily affirmations which gives me strength." ~ Connie, UK

"We have been friends for 2 years give or take... more times than I can count your posts have been helpful and timing has been impeccable." ~ Tina, Missouri, USA

"We have been friends for some years now. Your posts help me a lot staying positive." ~ Sissel, Norway

"Your post are encouraging for me, and helpful for my spiritual growth." ~ Jelu, Bulgaria

"Many of your posts have been inspiring, especially at times I've needed it most." ~ Lanaya, USA

"I don’t remember how long we have been friends, that’s how long it is... your posts always help, and I share them also" ~ Diana, Netherlands 

"Your posts are really very helpful, I resonate with them" Tanja, Serbia 

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