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Akashic Record Reading / Clearing

for Soul Realignment 

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"After attending Joys Akashic record reading, I was very humbled by being reminded several things about myself that had become harder to remember on my recent self spiritual work.. which for me is a tremendous advantage for my future spiritual progression. Also I was so impressed by the accuracy level that of such I had resonated with  after reviewing Joys reading.  After concluding the data I feel a surprisingly amount of emotional weight and mental blockage being lifted, while a clearer path being possibly revealed to me now at this time.  For that I am grateful.  I enjoyed the layout of the reading as it progresses nicely with detail and easy to understand data points that are clear and easy to understand!  I look forward to further readings in the future, bless." ~ Skyler, New England, USA

"I am on a beautiful process with Joy. Her gifts and support have allowed me to open and heal core trauma blockages. Joy provides a safe space for one to access higher dimensions of frequency and consciousness. The clarity of the reading is continuing to work it's magic. I am eternally grateful. She is an incredible healing force. The power of the silver lotus frequency. May her light grace all." ~ Ashleigh, UK

"Thankyou for this amazing reading I was a little nervous as I wasn’t sure what my records will show but I’m so pleased to say I resonate will every single part of my reading. My blockages and Chakra tears is spot on. I have been on my spiritual journey since the passing of my eldest daughter and worry for her still sits in my soul as at it explained in my records. Depression . I know we all have light and the shadow sides so I completely agree with the anger I need to stay in alignment as a daily routine. A soul contract with a lover from 4 lifetimes... absolutely agree . To say I’m feel so blessed for this door to open for me is an understatement as I am very committed to healing my Soul mind Body and Spirit. I Thank you for this reading." ~ Tammy, South Africa

"Thank you Joy for my Akashic Record reading! It resonated with me in many ways and I found it very insightful and intriguing. I really appreciated that you went through it with me and explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend to someone else as I feel that this reading is a valuable asset to me. Thank you very much!" ~ Soraya, London

"Thank you so much for the in depth reading. You gave me lots of insights into my own personality traits and where I needed to improve. Gratitude to you for the guidance and the tools to lead a more balanced life. I know that this is definitely what I needed to inspire me. Blessings to you on your spiritual journey. Love and light." ~ Prabha, South Africa

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