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"I had COVID along with some major life changes recenty and was feeling spacy, disoriented, down, and just not like myself. Joy worked with me to clear out these heavy energies and bring in new more appropriate energies. Now I feel lighter, more focused, and have energy again. Thank you, Joy!" ~ Kate, Spain

"I have been seeing Joy regularly since October last year before my first dose of covid 19 vaccine. Her energy healing, energy clearing & energy upgrade have protected & strengthened me so well that I have ZERO symptoms from the covid 19 vaccines. I have travelled from Melbourne to Sydney and from Melbourne to Singapore. My travels have been extremely smooth, stress-free & symptoms-free!! Thanks to Joy's very pure & authentic energy protection & body system upgrade!! I have been very healthy & vibrant." ~ Arakah, Melbourne, Australia

“When I started going to Joy I had chronic low iron due to severe PMS symptoms & had even started getting Iron infusions from my doctor. However after just 3 energy treatments with Joy focusing on my pelvic area my PMS completely regulated & my chronic symptoms disappeared. I now have a regular cycle again & don’t have to take to bed for days every month. These healing treatments really have changed everything!!!” ~ Lisa, Central Coast, Australia

"I feel lighter and filled with joy... blessings for sharing your energy with us... it's the best I've felt since hurting my back in July. Surgery two weeks ago and lots of wonderful energy. Thank you for coming into my life." ~ Skye, Tres Piedras, New Mexico, USA

"Yesterday I had a half hour healing session with Joy which I found to be very beneficial.
As soon as she placed her hands  on my feet I felt the energy begin to shift. I had been experiencing extreme upper back pain & muscle  aching, luckily Joy intuitively knew where to place her hands for healing & worked on my upper back which gave me great relief instantly.
I felt a bright green light surround me & flow through my head & neck down through my spine. It was truly magical. Even this morning a day later I awoke as if in a completely different body, less aches, more energetic & hubby even remarked how I seemed to be back to my bubbly self. Thank you Joy!" ~ Lizzy, NSW, Australia

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