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My Soul Origin & Purpose Revealed

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In my spiritual practice over the past 10+ years, I didn't really dive deep into the Christianity or Catholic side, however, through my seeking & searching journey, I'm aware nearly half of human race has angelic origins. Celestial angels don't have human experiences, they can only observe closely from other angels who actually experience human lives. I believe that's one of the reasons why the angels are helping their fellow human-angels when they get lost and need assistance...

It was said the volunteered angels cut their wing(s) in order to have physical human forms, which is different from the "fallen angels" who sinned and as such. (Apparently there are also other different interpretations about angelic humans or Earth angels, etc., here is to briefly describing what resonates with me.) From time to time we can find some angelic qualities from people surrounding us and often they feel don't belong to this world and want to go back Home...

When souls experience the human lives regardless their origins, they all need to follow the Universal Laws including Law of Cause & Effect (a.k.a. Karma), after more than thousands of lifetimes living on Earth, many human-angels have forgotten their soul origin and get stuck in the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation. Surprisingly, during this recent energy work, my soul origin and soul purpose have been revealed to me through joining these dots.

While working on my Kundalini channels and the journey to the Black Hole (see previous post), at certain point there was a Sacred Reunion with the Source/Creator that I was experiencing the Glory of the Creator, there were like a million of angels showing up and singing Alleluya... I was experiencing my multi-dimensional self and began to remember who I truly am ~ I saw a scene of the angel wing being cut... then my pristine form is restored by the Creator, both my hands were very light, felt like wings and my head started to feel the illumination... my kingdom is been restored and transmute to a higher level of perfection.

I began to remember my soul purpose for being here on Earth ~ Love is the reason I came here, I've agreed to do a mission, I came here to be the Creator's Love for all, that's why I do what I do, that's why I am who I am. Everything I have been through is not a mistake, there is no mistakes or wrong choices, only choices lead me back to Source/Creator/God. My falling is to bring more people up with me. I feel I'm here to awaken my tribe (angelic humans) and together we go back Home after this lifetime.

It's also revealed to me recently that I have been a healer for many lifetimes, I have been working with divine energy and sharing new knowledge and teachings, for that I had been persecuted in many of my past lives. That explains why I came across some people in a particular spiritual group and experienced similar situation, they were connected to my past lives' events, I'm glad these traumatic energies had been cleared out through different layers of energy work, forgive & let go is also part of the karma releasing process.

In the coming posts I'll be sharing different topics to demystify Karma (such as why/how to clear out Karma) and how it's related to ascension, etc. If it resonates with you, please share it to your friends & community and subscribe here to receive my latest post.

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