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My 2nd Round of Kundalini Awakening

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

We hall have different levels of extrasensory perception (ESP), some call it the sixth sense, after my 1st Kundalini awakening in 2012, my psychic abilities and ESP started to open up more. In the past I thought Kundalini awakening only happens once, it's not true. Some people could experience Kunalini rising which leads people to believe they have attained enlightenment, which is not necessary the case.

Kundalini could be rising when people still have karma stored in the chakras, for some people it could be some blissful sensations during the meditation whereas some people could come across very intensive experience. It can be dangerous if people initiate Kundalini channel(s) improperly, as it has the potential to cause permanent mental & physical damages. The safest way to have Kundalini awakening is to clear out 100% of karma, when there are no blockages in all the 7 chakras, the Kunalini will be rising organically and it won't cause any damages to the human body.

In my case, the 2nd round of Kundalini awakening came to me simply it's part of a big bundle of activations in my recent energy work. It wasn't my intention in the first place but I suppose it's what meant to be, and I made sure it's safe to do so before going ahead. This activation was done by the Source/Creator withholding the remain karma I still have in my chakra channels. My first Kundalini channel was upgraded from the 2012 activation and the other 11 Kunalini channels were cleared before they are activated.

The heat of my body was multiple times than I normally had, in my next post I will continue to share the highlights of the Kundalini rising process including my experience in the Black Hole, the thousand pedal lotus... and it was truly phenomenal.

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