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My 1st Kundalini Awakening in 2012

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Like many people, I'm one of those who had been pursuing achievements from studying, working, and family life. Each time when I reached a milestone I often asked myself "What next?" Life seems to be a never-ending pursuing for "something" which I never really felt fulfilled in the material world. "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", "Where I am going after this lifetime?" were the questions often coming to my mind...

Finally it came to the time I heard the calling from my soul and started my spiritual journey with Tibet Buddhist practices back in 2009. I believe I had been a monk/nun in many past lives, the Buddha's teachings were not too difficult to comprehend even though I just started my spiritual journey this lifetime. "Enlightenment" which is often associated with Kundalini awakening was my goal ~ I was very involved yet struggling with the practices, it seemed to take many years of chanting, meditation and rituals, etc. just to move a small step forward in that system, I felt a bit frustrated because it seemed so hard to achieve at that time.

When it came to 2012, the ending of Mayan calendar and the "Doomsday" prophecy really got my attention. I did lots of research on the Internet because I wanted to find a faster way to back HOME before the "Doomsday", which I would have a laugh at it now but I was very keen to find out the Truth from many different speculations back then. Within the few months of intensive research, I found many different modalities and energy work that were really eye-opening. These were the catalysts for me to move from Tibet Buddhist practice to the quantum energy path.

Kundalini Activation was part of the energy work I involved in a workshop back in 2012, after that I didn't pay too much attention to how it run though my body as I was distracted by some physical condition I had during that time. It's only in the recent energy work I found out the 1st Kundalini activation only opened up one of the many Kundalini channels that is from the tail-bone to the front of 3rd Eye. The 2nd Kundalini Activation I received in my latest energy work in August is phenomenal, it opens up other 11 Kundalini channels and my connection to the Christ Conscientiousness becomes permanent which I'll share the experience in my next post.

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