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Energy Portal & Soulmate Manifestation

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As we know everything is energy, frequency and vibration, an energy portal is a doorway to access different energies, frequencies and vibration, even across different timelines, space or dimensions. We access different energy portals all the time knowingly or unknowingly especially when we sleep. We, as human beings, are literally the walking portals of our Souls who are having human experiences.

When we are consciously walking the spiritual awakening path or ascension journey, there are more opportunities to expose ourselves to many different types of portals within our own energy system (such as chakras) or outside of our energy system (such as astral travel). The chakras are our internal energy portals we often access, especially when we meditate or do energy work.

Other than these portals mentioned, we are also exposed to the planetary portal energies such as Solar / Lunar Eclipse, New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice / Equinox, or numerological portal days, etc. all the time. There are organic and positive portal energies that help to accelerate our Soul evolution, yet there are also other astral energies coming through these portals that can have some damaging effects, if people don’t anchor their energies properly.

It is my passion to offer portal meditation to bring through pure portal energy in combination with different energy themes. Sometimes the Ascended Masters are involved in bringing through what’s needed for each session. There can be dynamic downloads, activations, guidance, or clearing / healing. Here is the testimonial of one of the participants:

"Thank you again for the meditation on Saturday. Whatever cleared out of the right side of my head has allowed my energy to even out. I can feel energy moving freely on that side of my body now. Many thanks for facilitating! The most wonderful thing is I’m not sure I ever had energetic access to this portion of my body. If I do I don’t remember the feeling. Everything on the right side of my face feels open and flowing. Even my hearing seems better!" ~ Sara, California, USA

Apart from what’s been previously mentioned, portal energy is also very powerful for manifestation. I have developed some unique manifestation techniques, that by going to the high dimension realm and performing the visualisation and clearing blocks, have proven to be effective and profound.

If you need assistance to navigate and improve your soulmate / twin flame relationship and connection, welcome to book a reading & clearing session here. Please subscribe the newsletter for latest blog and special offers. Check out my other services.


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