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Demystify Chakras, Karma & Ascension

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Karma is also known as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, it's the energy traits resulted from our thoughts, speeches and actions depending on the vibrations we generate. With positive/high vibration of thoughts, speeches and deeds we generate good karma, and vice versa. It's our human nature to making karma on daily basis often without knowing consciously.

When I was into Tibet Buddhist practices many years ago, the focus had been clearing the karma through chanting or some rituals/ceremonies, including purifying body (actions)-mouth (speeches)-mind (thoughts) though different practices. It was also in the teaching that when people clear out all their karma they will be moving out of the reincarnation cycle.

I was convinced that my karmic template had been removed after moving to the quantum energy path 8 years ago (2012) and didn't worry about clearing karma for a good few years. It's only when I started my recovery journey from leaving the spiritual group, I resumed seeking and searching again. After doing lots of inner work including unlearn & relearn, finally I found out humanity ascend though clearing the karma stored in the chakras*.

It started to make sense to me why many practices are focusing on clearing the chakras. Some people consider the chakra system as a matrix program and can be removed, I also tried to do so when attending a workshop about 2 years ago (2018) but then realized we can't just remove the chakras, instead, we need to work on them. People can still say chakra system is a program, yet we all have this program installed in our system, until we have cleared out all karma stored in the chakras, we are able to function with higher chakras instead of the lower 7 chakras (I'll explain further in the future posts).

As the planetary vibration is rising higher, our ascension journey has made easier, the ascension process is about raising our light quotient which is directly associated with the radiance rate of the chakras. Ascension therefore goes hand in hand with chakras and the karma they carry. However there seems a common misunderstanding about ascension, many people consider love & compassion would make ascension happen. Unconditional love and compassion definitely will help people generate more good karma then the negative one, but it doesn't mean the negative karma made from the past is paid. Therefore there are still lots of inner work need to be done to raise the light quotient.

This post may still not able to convince some people about the connections between chakras, karma and ascension, in the next post I'm going to explain about "Earth Star", which will reveal the main reason why people need to release their karma in order to ascend 100%. Not many people are talking about the importance of Earth Star, yet it plays a very important role in our reincarnation/rebirth cycle and ascension journey. Please stay tuned ~ you're welcome to subscribe here if you don't want to miss out the latest posts.

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

** Image Credit: Fine Art America

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