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Why Spiritual Name?

Every name carries different sounds and vibrations, and some have particular meanings too. When walking on the spiritual path, at certain point some people might not feel connected to their birth names as before. New names with higher vibrations would show up in the Divine timing, this often happens when people attain certain achievement in their Soul evolution. People sometimes use their spiritual names to carry out their work as vibrational match.

After moving to Australia, except the official documents I rarely use my birth name in the daily life. The main reason is because it has lost it's original meaning and pronunciation after been translated into English, so I don't feel connected to the name as before. I used a couple other names that somewhat represented the earlier stages of my life journey.

I started using "Joy" about 4 years ago to disconnect the old energies carried in the previous name and starting another phase of my ascension journey. Until my Higher Self's name "Vottus" showed up (see The 5D Portal of my Higher Self), I often feel my surname carries the ancestral lines and earth-bound energies.

In the past few weeks I had a strong feeling to stop using my family name on the social media. As I was about 50% of Higher Self embodiment (which seemed to be a good timing), so I asked my Higher Self if I could carry His name as my spiritual name. He happily agreed, I thought to change on the 7th of July, but my Higher Self chose the 4th of July, on the day of Independence Day ~ which symbolizes to be "independent" from the family linage and earth-bound connection.

Carrying "Vottus" as my family name helps me to deepen the connection with my Higher Self, who is my spiritual Parent and my Soul origin. It also allows my Higher Self to connect with people by seeing His name; in other words, it helps to bring His work out to the world in this way. I feel the shift immediately after changing the username on the social media ~ it's my honor to carry His name, we are working together as One unit that is inseparable. I'm looking forward to what's unfolding in the journey with my Higher Self for the next 50%, let's keep walking this journey together. From our heart to yours.

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