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Venus Retrograde & Romantic Relationships

Venus is associated with love, desire, beauty, intimacy, partnership, and connection. Venus planetary energy rules pleasure, art, and romance, including how we perceive ourselves, others, things and money. This Venus retrograde is inviting us to reflect, review, reframe not only our relationships with our loved ones, but also how secure we feel in ourselves to express who we are.

Venus goes retrograde on the 22nd of July, in the sign of Leo, challenging our confidence and inner belief in our relationships and love connections, and dampening love’s energy and the enthusiasm we feel for our significant other. There will be a shake-up in our love lives, including around the Venus conjunct Mercury on July 27th, where changing needs will need to be expressed in our love dynamics.

When Venus retrograde meeting the sun on August 13, it opens the perception to new ways of expressing love and understanding our desires, and the trine with Chiron in Aries is the perfect time to do energetic work to heal past traumas and thus dissolve the negative loops and patterns in our love-lives.

Venus retrograde will affect all of us by bringing to light what is no longer working in our relationships. The challenge it will bring to us personally, and to our relationships with soulmates and twin flames, requires that we step out of our comfort zone, look within ourselves, and do the energy work to uncover and reveal what has been holding back our love ascension. This is the perfect time to work on our heart wounds and do the work to heal, in order that we can manifest a more profound and deeper connection in our love lives!

Contact me if you would like to use this time for healing. Venus is retrograde till the 3rd of September, and so for the entire period, I am offering sessions of energy work related to relationships with a bonus 8.8 Lion's Gate portal meditation. If you need assistance to navigate and improve your soulmate / twin flame relationship and connection, you are welcome to book a reading & clearing session here. Please subscribe to the newsletter for the latest blog and special offers. Check out my other services. Share the love!


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