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Transform Body into a Sacred Temple

Our physical bodies are the vehicles of our Souls. The physical body is the densest layer of all that connects to other layers of energy bodies, such as etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and other spiritual bodies. The energy bodies are interconnected: any slush energies get stuck in the astral body might feed into the mental body, then the emotional body, then the etheric body, and finally into the physical body. Therefore, any physical conditions are the tip of the iceberg of stuck energies that are surfaced as symptoms or dis-eases. They simply reflect what have been stored in different layers of the energy bodies.

In the ascension process, it’s essential to clear out all layers of our energy bodies in order to release the lower vibration energies that are still stuck in our energy fields. Even all the karma had been paid, the inner work doesn’t stop here. Ascension is a never-ending process, there are always clearings to be done. After passing the 5th initiation (left the cycle of rebirth) and 6th initiation (Higher Self has anchored in the Holy Heart), I started the process of embodying my Higher Self since early May this year, and the inner work continues.

Straightaway, I was given signs that some actions need to be taken in order to transform my physical body into higher vibrations. Initially there were lots of body symptoms, such as muscle aches and pains, inflammation, etc. My Higher Self constantly shows me where I need to pay attention and work upon. These physical discomfort really hit me that I had to make up my mind to change my diet and do more energy work to “upgrade” my physical body to the 5D New Earth energy. Literally shift the physical body into the crystalline energy body, a sacred temple for my Higher Self.

After a few months of constant inner work, my Higher Self embodiment percentage had raised from 1% to 14% in the first 4 months. The process of embodying Higher Self feels like “pregnancy”. In the first couple months I could feel some intensive reactions in the body, such as strong buzzing sensations in the cells every now and then, or some energy movements in the body. When tuning in my Sacred/Holy Heart I could feel the energy is different than before and it’s only getting stronger.

Constant clearing and upgrading our energy bodies are the foundational inner work for everyone who is on the ascension path regardless what levels people are in. If you are drawn to transform your body into a sacred temple and be the beacon of light, Joy offers 3D to 5D Transformation Booster that includes energy body clearing and upgrades to accelerate people's ascension journey, check out the details here. Find out other special portal meditation events here. Please subscribe to receive updates & special offer notifications.


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