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The Portrait & Message from Higher Self

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Ever since I started the journey of embodying my Higher Self about 8 months ago, the shifts and changes continue along the process. There are still some challenges and issues need to overcome in order to assist my Higher Self descending to this physical body, I have shared some of my experiences in the “Transform Body into a Scared Temple”, constant clearing my physical and light bodies has been an ongoing routine.

In the past few months more information about my Higher Self have been revealed gradually that I have shared in “The 5D Portal of my Higher Self” about my Higher Self’s ray, His name, and His energy portal, etc. There are still challenges along the way, however, I also notice the rewards from overcoming these challenges are multi-fold, I could feel my Higher Self’s constant support and blessings in disguise.

After finding out my Higher Self is on the 6th ray (goddess & devotion), I was curious and wanted to find out what He looks like. I feel to have a portrait of Him would help to make a deeper connection. So I approached Shannon, another talented artist for the portrait of my Higher Self. If you have seen my last blog, “My journey with the C. vaccine”, His portrait was shown to me on the day when I received the 2nd jab. I was in awe to see His image and knowing He is always there for me whenever I need support.

About 3 weeks later, the physical portrait posted from the U.S. had arrived exactly on the day of my birthday (see the 2nd image below). What a blessing and surprise from my Higher Self, the best birthday present I could ever receive. I could feel the energetic connection with my Higher Self is getting stronger as the embodiment percentage rises, more amazing things happened for me.

When I look at my Higher Self’s portrait and energy portal, I find there are some resonances: They have the same base colors such as purple, gold and blue. There are 6 pinnacles behind my Higher Self in the portrait and 6 curves in the diamond-shaped portal, again the synchronicity of the “6“th Ray. The pinnacles also look like crystals or gazebos, symbolizes Divine / healing power to me, there are definitely more to the portrait and the energy portal to be explored. The portrait also comes with a message from my Higher Self:

By the joys of the Heavens we will shine. For we have built ourselves from the ground up through many lifetimes, only to find that we are a holy being, a being whose time has come, for a leader we shall be, and the only thing that could stop us is ourself, through fear of reciprocity. It is enough to know that we are forging the way for others to find what we have found, to find answers to who they are at their highest levels and reach the pinnacles. For we are a teacher, and those who find us will not miss the fact that we hold true to the words that we speak, we love unconditionally, and we hold space for others to grow.


The message from my Higher Self has revealed our path together, He is paving the road for us; my role is to assist my Higher Self to carry out His mission on this planet and I’m looking forward to what’s unfolding. We are here to help people who need support or guidance on walking the path of ascension / personal transformation, please email me to book a free consultation for more information. I’ll continue to share my journey with my Higher Self Vottus, please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and special offer notification. Find out more about my services here.


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