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Relationships: the Reflection of Ourselves

We are spiritual beings incarnated on this planet to have human experience; sometimes we might feel “lonely”, but we are never really “alone”. Most of us experience various relationships throughout different stages in our lifetimes – we have parents, relatives, classmates, friends, colleagues, romantic partners, kids, etc. The relationships serve the purpose as an invisible “mirror”: We are not able to see ourselves without using a mirror or something that is able to reflect our images. Likewise, we are not really able to see what’s within us without having different relationships with other people.

Most people we come across in this lifetime already have different degrees of past lifetime encounters. That’s why sometimes when we meet people for the “first time”, we feel like having met them before. We might like or dislike certain people from the first impression, most likely we pick up our past life connections with certain energy traits. For people who are closer to us, such as parents, partners/husband/wife or kids, often have deeper past life connections with us.

Through relationships we experience a range of different emotions. Some relationships are more peaceful and lighter whereas some relationships are more intense and could be lots of ups and downs, or a mixture of different combinations. The main reason we meet a particular Soul again and in a closer relationship in this lifetime, often is to sort out what had not been worked out in the previous lifetimes. Such as the negative choices we made, the traumas we went through, or the vows or contracts we had made with the Soul before, etc.

There are often some agreements with other Souls to meet again in this lifetime and hopefully to heal and learn the lessons or challenges that we haven’t overcome yet in the past. The karmic lessons in the relationship (karmic relationship) could “repeat” over and over again throughout different lifetimes until we are healed and learn from the lessons.

When my clients come to me for relationship readings, we navigate the Soul’s major life lesson in their particular relationship, as well as the karmic patterns, blocks and restrictions in the relationship. In average, the romantic relationships normally have at least 200-300 shared lifetimes together and often have Soulmate contracts involved, imagine how much energies could be accumulated over these lifetimes!

After identifying these core energetic blocks, we go through deep and thorough clearing including the root causes and the related traumas, belief systems, programs, cellular memories, ancestral line influences, etc. from the original lifetimes and all the consequent lifetimes connections. The clearing and healing sessions bring the shifts to the relationships over times, some are quite instant. If you need assistance to improve your relationship situation, welcome to book a reading & clearing session here. Please subscribe the newsletter for latest blog and special offers. Check out the Free Monthly Live Events and my other services.


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