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Pattern Clearing and Beyond

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Patterns are the "habits" that we repeat over and over again. Often we have similar mindset, emotional reactions or behaviors to certain people or situations. We are not always aware of these recurrence because we are used to these patterns; sometimes they can be very subtle that are not under our radar. As we ascend to higher frequency and vibration state, pattern clearing becomes a crucial part in our Soul evolution, which is to remove what's not aligned with our original Divine Blueprint.

After passing the 30% of Higher Self embodiment threshold, I have enough “Wi-Fi” connection to ask my Higher Self to clear out the patterns for myself. Even so, in the past two years I have been doing energy work to clear out patterns that are surfaced for release. I'm drawn to more effective solutions as there are many layers in pattern clearing. The patterns are just like the weeds, if we don’t pull out the roots, the weeds will just keep growing and coming back.

When I was practicing Tibet Buddhism and Vipassana, the most common technique to reduce the patterns is to "observe without engaging thoughts or emotions, and allow what needs to be released", and they will gradually fade away. That’s one of the purposes of meditation, to quiet the mind, and not react to ego or lower emotions. This practice involves lots of concentration and self-awareness, it takes time and consistency, the result also depends on the self-mastery level.

Most patterns are stemming from the past lives or childhood experiences. Often we don’t even remember how they started in the first place. Therefore when the patterns are brought to our awareness, they are just showing the tip of the iceberg. We need to look into what’s hidden underneath the surface and do the clearing work. It’s just like “treasure hunting”, the more we dig out that’s been hidden in our system, the more clearing can be done to release the patterns.

The following is a brief summary of what I have learned from the pattern clearing process so far, they should have covered the majority of pattern formation. They include the cords, trauma, beliefs, imprints, programs, cellular memories, DNA, ancestral lines, subconscious, unconscious / shadow, etc. After the clearing, we need to form new / healthier belief systems to replace the old / obsolete ones. That’s how the positive affirmations help to shift our subconscious mind, which is pretty much the “software” that keeps our system running all the time.

After pattern clearing we still need to be mindful of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors; self-awareness helps to monitor our responses / reactions and let go what’s not serving us. And don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness, including forgive ourselves and others. If you need assistance with pattern clearing, welcome to book a private session with me here. Check out other services here. Please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and special offers.


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