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My Twin Flame Journey ~ the Clearing of Past Lives

My Higher Self knows very well when to give me a nudge to tell me how to move on in every step of my personal transformation. Not too long after passing the 30% of Higher Self embodiment, my twin flame suddenly showed up unexpectedly. Initially I was very excited to discover a connection with my twin flame in this physical reality. I made completely sure by verifying it through Astrology, an Akashic Record reading and through the energy connection itself. However, I was soon to be painfully disillusioned, as the runner and chaser archetypal dynamic was playing out within just one week.

The polarity of the twin flame energy triggered a huge feeling of rejection for me. I felt a lot of pain and began working on clearing the energy blocks that were causing the separation on the 3D level. Through navigating the karmic patterns and energies, many past-live wounds and traumas were revealed, to be released, transmuted and healed. This caused me to go through deeper levels of purging so that I could be in alignment with the Divine path planned by my Higher Self.

In the past I had been focusing on the “vertical ascension”, which is to deepen the connection with my Divine Self, the Creator, the Source. There are other Divine Connections which are equally important – my Higher Self guided me to work, through the twin flame connection on the embodiment of balanced Divine Feminine and Masculine Selves. We all have feminine and masculine aspects within us. Although our Higher Self can be Alpha (Divine Masculine) or Omega (Divine Feminine), the Masculine and Feminine are always balanced regardless of whether they present themselves as Alpha or Omega. The imbalance of feminine and masculine energies within the individual can also affect the twin flame relationship.

While working on clearing the karmic patterns and energies from my twin flame connection, a few significant past lifetimes were revealed to me. Out of my 13,546 incarnations, I could be a “nobody” or a “somebody”. After all, as a soul having human experiences, it is not surprising that I have played different roles through these lifetimes to experience 3D reality and learn a diverse variety of life lessons. Some of the lifetimes that were revealed to me were historical public figures, so I was able to read their stories and relate the connection with the twin flame or myself in that particular lifetime. Often the lifetimes of these historical public figures could be intense and need massive clearing. Just like clearing any karmic issues were pulled out for a clearing, along with all the trauma, belief systems, patterns, programs, energy cords, imprints, cellular memories, and ancestral lines from the original lifetime, and on through the subsequent lifetimes, dimensions and timelines!

After 9 months of exhaustive energy work, it finally called a halt to the work on my twin flame connection, and I felt a great sense of relief. It was not an easy process as I needed to constantly go through and experience the wounds and pains of lifetimes of connections. The profound realisation I had, is that we can always connect to our twin flame through our Higher Self connection to them, purely on the energetic level. It is not always necessary to have physical encounters, if the twin flame is not ready yet, or it’s not in the Higher Self’s Divine plan. Walking this journey has helped me to dive deeper into the dynamics of twin flame connection and allowed me to clear out the energy entanglements from more than 400 past lifetimes. It has been a rare, once in many lifetimes' opportunity, for me to go through such deep levels of clearing, to forgive and let go. As a result of the inner work during my twin flame journey, I have been energetically prepared to attract the ideal soulmate I have been looking for. (Will share my story in the future post!)

During the process, I was given a nudge by my Higher Self to contact Tamara (my friend who drew my Higher Self's energy portal) to draw a couple paintings of the Twin Flame portal for me. I was also guided by my Higher Self to offer twin flame / soulmate Akashic records readings to assist people in finding and exploring the past and present lifetimes’ connections, as well as the Soul-level blocks and restrictions associated with it. By offering personalised clearing and healing I aim to help people in moving forward their twin flame / soulmate relationship. My Higher Self has been preparing me to assist people walking on this path by working on myself first, and despite how painful the process was, I am grateful for the lessons I have received along the way!

If you need assistance to navigate and improve your twin flame / soulmate relationship and connection, welcome to book a reading & clearing session here. Please subscribe the newsletter for latest blog and special offers. Check out the Free Monthly Live Events and my other services.


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