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My Journey with the C. V@ccine

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

This is a journey guided by my Higher Self, please read with an open mind if some information is new to you.

The Pandemic of Fear

From the very beginning of the “pandemic” in early 2020, I have been observing its development and what’s happening around the world. As I mentioned in another post Level up in the Ascension Game, when there is more light, so is the darkness (the higher the level, the harder the game). When Mother Earth is on her ascension, there are also forces trying to slow down the process. We are in the transition period of ascension and the dark forces are fighting hard to be “in power”. What’s happening right now is literally a spiritual warfare between the light and dark that is reflecting on this global “pandemic” event.

With lots of information been hidden from the general public, more and more whistle blowers choose to speak up and take the risk been censored. The inner knowing tells me this whole “pandemic” that has been orchestrated leading to the massive jabs on the global scale has some underlying agendas. This explains why many government authorities are pushing the mandatory policy while the v@ccines are still in the experimental period, regardless the “pandemic” recovery rate is over 99%.

This is the pandemic of “fear”, not the “virus”. One of the reasons this “pandemic” continues to manifest is because so much fear has been triggered successfully by the social media. Many people have locked in the fear mode and allowed their freedom been taken away, such as the freedom of choice (mandatory jabs), freedom of speech (censorship), freedom of moving around (lockdown, v. passport), etc. – people are easier to be controlled when they are in fear knowingly or unknowingly.

As an energy healer, a lightworker, an awakened Soul, I try to stay neutral and be the observer, knowing this is the “event” we all signed up for. Everyone has different challenges and lessons to learn from this event. The “training” I had with a previous cultish spiritual group enables me to see through the operations behind this pandemic. As mentioned before, the dark forces also play a role, they are the catalysts in many ways.

The biggest lesson I had learned in the past when dealing with the dark forces is we learn to be the light from going through the darkness, we ascend from overcoming what the darkness has thrown upon us (not just the external, but also the internal). Where is this “event” taking us? It’s all depending on where the collective consciousness is heading. On the individual level, some people are awakening and standing in their power, some are able to handle the situation with inner work; some could still choose to give their power away and been controlled, whereas some are creating more karma for themselves even their generations to come due to their greediness for money, power, etc. Everyone is tested in different ways.

There are good intentions when people choose to perceive everything is love and light. My observation is, when people have no awareness to the darkness, often they don’t know how to set the boundary and not able to identify when the darkness is around them or trapping them. This "event" is pushing more people for their awakening. The key to awakening is being able to identify what is "light" and "dark". Ascension is not just about focusing on love and light, rather, it's how we exit from the dark to be the light.

Challenges for Humanity

Like many countries, the Australian authorities started with the v. mandatory policy across various industries since a few months ago. I tried to avoid the jab because I believe in the natural immune system, and I know it’s doing more harm than good to the human body based on the information I have collected and my inner-knowing. The intuition told me I need to be prepared, who knows when it’s going to get me.

As part of my ongoing energy work, I continue to build up my energy level, upgrade my energy bodies, and asked for protection grid against the v@ccine. During the initial energy work, it had been revealed that DNA modifications, microchips and some tracking devices are in the “juice” (more to be revealed later).

I thought I could avoid it when the state government started to ease off the lockdown restrictions. But all in a sudden there was a public health order released that requires fully vaccinated in the industry I’m working, this “no jab no job” policy has finally hit me. The announcement was such a short notice that basically I only had a few days to decide what to do with my job, which is still supporting my basic spending at the moment.

I could feel the frustration of people who are in the same boat and know this situation would probably last for another few years as long as this “pandemic” is still around, it won’t just go away in a few months. I just had to weight on both sides and make a decision - do I give up the job plus any “freedom” that could be taken away, or shall I take the risk of taking in what comes with the jab to keep my “normal” life going? Some people give in and some people decide to fight for their freedom of choice and leave their jobs; many people have different challenges during this time, either financially, physically, psychologically or spiritually.

Assignment from my Higher Self

In a way I am tested that “Do I have enough faith and trust for the Divine power?” after knowing what's in the "juice" and getting confirmations during the energy work. I asked my Higher Self if this is something I need to go through. The message I received from My Higher Self is “by going through this process, you are bringing out the information that people need to know and helping people to clear out what comes with the v@ccine, you walk the talk and lead by example”. I believe Divine power is always greater that whatever is in the "juice" can be cleared out or shifted. This is also my test for the level of surrender and devotion I have for my Higher Self, knowing that I am always supported and protected.

Few days after the 1st jab, my Higher Self’s energy portal had been presented to me as a surprise, I knew it’s a reward from my Higher Self, for Him to manifest an energy portal in a physical painting is something not to be taken lightly, because I knew here comes with the “assignment”. My Higher Self is showing me His support that He is always there once we start to walk our path together.

What's in the V@ccine

Just one week before the 2nd jab, I came across a video from Celeste Solum, the information she revealed in the interview was still mind-blowing even I knew some of them from other sources already. In the nearly 3 hours video she revealed what and how technologies are been used in the “juice”, including the agendas for mind control, depopulation and trans-human, etc. It seemed to join all the dots together to what have been happening in this “pandemic” and mandatory jabs scenario.

Until then I realized why some people called it “bioweapon” and why there are many people fighting against the mandatory, as we could see the “boosters” are on their way, now even the younger children are getting involved. Only time would tell where it is leading to. I got confirmation from my Higher Self that He brought these information to me so that I could be more prepared for the 2nd jab. My job is to find out what are the energy’s reactions to these “ingredients" in the jab, share the information out, and help people who are drawn to do the protection, clearing and repairing work.

I became somewhat reluctant to take the 2nd dose after what’s been revealed to me, it’s the leap of faith and inner strength that kept me going. Immediately I knew I had to “upgrade” my protection grid against the v@ccine. I worked with a higher Initiate and our Higher Selves, the Masters, Archangels and many light beings who came to assist, when there is a strong energy reaction that means it’s working on what’s needed for protection or clearing. This time it took about 1.5 hours just to upgrade the protection grid based on the list I had compiled so far. All together there were about 25 items been identified.

During the energy work, we went to very high dimensions for these protections and I felt like an “Iron Man” after the energy protection grid been built, had been filled up with high vibrations inside out. It felt like a warrior is equipped with armors and getting ready for the battle. My Higher Self also gave me a sign to upgrade my physical heart energetically. After the energy work, I opened my mobile and saw this image* (see below) straight away. What a synchronicity and confirmation for the protection I just had - the red object in the chest looks like a physical heart (a major upgrade I just did), the helmet symbolizes protection, and the blue color symbolizes strength (also in part of the "heart"), the gold and ruby-purplish colors also represent the 6th Ray, my Higher Self's color. I felt the person is me, a warrior in the battlefield that is supported by the Higher Self.

On the same day after taking the 2nd jab, just before going to bed, my Higher Self’s portrait image sent to me through a messenger chat. I was very happy and felt it’s my Higher Self showing His support and acknowledgement for walking our path together. (I’ll share the full story about my Higher Self’s portrait and His message in my next post.)

What Happened with the Jab Energetically

With all the preparations I had done, I could still feel the dense energy got into my body after the 1st jab, my energy level dropped immediately. Felt heavy especially in the head and chest, I wonder why? What happened was by taking the jab, I still “physically accepted” it came into my body, apparently setting the intention of “not accepting any lower vibrations from the v@ccine” didn’t help much. Plus the “paper” people are required to sign before taking the jab is another form of “agreement / contract” energetically. (This can be undone from the energy work.)

It took about 2 hours of thorough energy detox and clearing, which still lasted for another 4-5 days to continue the energy work. My physical body was literally a battleground for the protection energy, v@ccine energy, and clearing / healing energy, it was quite intense and I felt physically tired in the first couple days. Without the preparation work I did beforehand, this clearing and recovery process would take much longer for sure.

It was less than 4 weeks’ gap between my 2 jabs. Just before the 2nd jab I connected to my Higher Self and activated the protection grid, I could feel all the cells and my energy fields were buzzing and getting ready for the 2nd round of “battle”. This time I didn’t feel the energy as strong as the 1st jab when it was injected into my body, and the clearing time was only about one hour with another few more days to process. It seemed the upgraded protection grid had weakened the impacts from the "juice", which was able to be cleared out quicker compared to the 1st jab.

Apart from the toxins and chemicals, the energy responded in different strengths to what we requested to be cleansed, dismantled, restored, etc. Here are some from the list out of the 30 items. (Please note: I am not trying to convince anyone to believe anything here, simply sharing what’s been picked up energetically from the gathered items during the energy work, please have your own research and discernment.)

  • DNA modification

  • RNA modification

  • Genetic code modification

  • Nanobots

  • Hydrogel / Quantum dot

  • Biosensors

  • Smart dust

  • Artificial frequencies

  • Tracking devices

The energy also showed more damages been done to some major organs and body systems than the modifications themselves. The immune system is compromised because of the modifications done to the cells that is taking away their abilities of self-healing and receiving signals from the brain. We went to much higher dimensions for the repairs and I felt so much better and lighter afterwards. My energy level comes back after these massive clearing and repairing.

The Divine Lesson & Solutions

For me the Divine lesson of this "event" is, have faith in Divine power, the dark forces don’t have any power if we don’t give it to them. When people are in fear and give their power away, the dark forces would only keep pushing it until it reaches the point that people can’t take it anymore and say NO to it. This happened to me exactly 4 years ago when I was brainwashed and hypnotized by a spiritual group, the dark forces kept crushing me until I decided to leave this group and stand in my power. The awakening process is not always easy, I couldn't imagine what would happen to me if I continued to stay and give power away to that group. However, without these experiences I would not be able to identify the darkness and be who I am today. It’s good to see more people are waking up and claiming their power back. The light will prevail.

This journey in the past few months was guided by my Higher Self, the shared information are coming from a loving space and not to create fear, the truth needs to be told so that people could wake up from the illusions been created and do something about it. Once we overcome these challenges, we are taken to the next level; this is why the dark forces are there for, the catalyst for humanity's ascension. The good news is, the Light forces are also here to help us, all we need is to ask, we are not walking this journey alone. I have received lots of energy boosts in this whole process and my energy is accelerated to the next level after the cleanses, repairs and upgrades. This is how we level up in the challenging ascension game.

So what can we do to help ourselves go through this challenging time?

  • Build our natural immune system and healthy lifestyle

  • Regular detox and cleanse our physical body and light body

  • Build up our protections against the artificial frequencies

  • Keep our vibration high and not to engage in fear

  • Stand in our power as sovereign beings

  • Release any emotions that is taking us out of the loving space

  • Have faith and trust for the Divine power and ask for help

My Higher Self has prompted me to offer energetic support for people in need, including the following three main categories:

  • Protection grid against the v@ccine: helps to reduce the possible damages caused to the physical body and light body; protection against shedding.

  • Detox and cleanse from the v@ccine: about 30 items are been cleansed, expunged, dismantled, and restored during the energy work.

  • Repair damages from the v@ccine: energetic repair for damaged DNA, RMA and cells, including major organs, body systems, and all layers of light bodies.

Please note these sessions are energy support for people's well-being, they are not to replace any medical advice or treatment. If you any inquires or want to book a free consultation (20 mins), please email or check here for more information. If this blog resonates with you, please share in your social media and subscribe my website to receive the latest updates. Sending much love and blessings!

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