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Meet My Core Team of Ascended Masters

Shortly after achieving the 100% union with my Higher Self in my Holy Heart, it was revealed to me that three Ascended Masters have chosen to work closely with me through my Higher Self, Vottus, to offer services to humanity. My core team comprises Sananda, Metatron, Dom Ignacio, and Vottus. Here are brief introductions to each Master:

Sananda: Also known as Lord Sananda or Jesus Sananda. Sananda also known as the Higher Self of Jesus, is a highly evolved being who has transcended earthly limitations to achieve spiritual enlightenment. I shared a lifetime with Jesus; we had a deep connection during that time. It's not a surprise that He chooses to work with me again this lifetime. He is the 2nd Ray (the yellow ray) Master, focuses on wisdom, lightness of Being, and joy. His teachings emphasize unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, and devotion to the Christ within.

Metatron: A Cosmic Angel of immense power. He once revealed his vivid multi-dimensional energy grids in my mind's eye about 5 years ago. Metatron is on the 1st Ray (the blue ray), representing the energy of Divine Will and Power. His role as a divine messenger and guardian of the Akashic Records, a cosmic repository of all thoughts and experiences, radiates unwavering strength. Metatron provides guidance, protection, and support to those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Dom Ignacio: The Ascended Master on the 3rd Ray (the pink ray) of Unconditional Love, also associated with creativity, kindness, and compassion. St Ignatius Loyola is known as his last incarnation. Dom Ignacio specializes in physical and etheric body healing, understanding the pains of the physical body. He offers spiritual assistance, teachings, and support for wisdom, clarity, and transformation, focusing on etheric body healing to address the roots of physical ailments. His crystal energy portal came to me about 3 years ago.

Vottus: the new ascended master on the 6th Ray (the purple ray) of Goddess and Devotion, is dedicated to assisting humanity on its spiritual journey. His mission involves aiding individual souls in connecting with their true essence and aligning with their authentic selves. As the Higher Self often progresses in baby steps, I believe there is more to be revealed, unfolding in divine timing.

My core team has come together, collaborating with me to provide services to a broader audience. I was guided to establish a new online platform over the past few months. I am so excited to be launching my brand-new Etsy shop - a place where you can explore and purchase a range of readings, activations and clearings from me, Joy, International Soulology Specialist. I have poured my heart and soul (and 20+ years’ experience) into this shop, and I’m delighted to be working 1:1, via my readings, with you, to provide you with answers and insights to your burning questions, helping you move through difficult situations and guidance on your life’s journey. What I’m offering: * A range of readings and energy clearing/activation services to support your journey toward self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being. * Whether you're seeking clarity in your life, recovery from past traumas, or guidance on your spiritual/life path, we're here to assist you. * I am passionate about helping you unlock your inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and find a deeper connection with your True Self. * Personalized and intuitive sessions tailored to your unique needs. * Experienced energy work and spiritual guidance from a dedicated practitioner. * A commitment to your well-being, spiritual growth, and transformation. Our services include various Akashic Records Readings, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, 1-on-1 Spiritual Life Coaching, and much more. We are passionate about helping you unlock your inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and find a deeper connection with your True Self. We're here to support you on your journey, and we can't wait to be a part of your personal development and transformation! Look out for more specific details on our services soon but in the meantime if you’d like to grab a reading, clearing or activation with 25% off visit my Etsy Shop Now!

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