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Identify Psychic Attacks and Solutions

Updated: May 31, 2022

“Psychic attacks” are not uncommon phenomena that could happen to anyone in the daily lives. In general, they refer to the negative energies been sent to the individual(s) consciously or unconsciously and cause harms to the individual’s physical, emotional mental, or spiritual well-being. Some people are more vulnerable than others, and some are more energetic sensitive and able to identify when they are under the attack.

Psychic attacks coming in different forms could happen on the personal or collective level. On the personal level, they often stemming from anger, fear, hatred, or jealousy, etc. either from the past lives or current life’s energetic / karmic entanglements. The attacks could be black magic, witchcraft, spell casting, or even as subtle as sending ill intentions. On the collective levels, we often see them in the forms of technology devices, radiations, social media news, chemtrails, weather manipulation, contamination of food and the eco system, etc.

The symptoms of psychic attacks vary from physical fatigue, pains or heaviness in parts of the body, feeling disconnected and not being self, emotionally or mentally disoriented, nightmares, etc. Sometimes people could be confused with these as the “ascension symptoms”, which require discernments so that we can respond with proper solutions.

So how do we handle the psychic attacks? There are four main principles, first of all is to raise our vibration. It’s a natural energy flow that higher vibrations and stronger forces have the greater power. It’s all about how much higher vibration and how strong the energy capacity we are able to anchor and embody in our physical and light bodies. Secondly, build up our protection shielding. It’s an essential tool especially when we are consciously working on the ascension. We could be the target especially when we are on the path to bring more light to others. We anchor the light but we still need to be aware of the existence of dark forces and prevent their infiltrations.

Thirdly, detox and thorough energy clearing. In the past few years I’ve personally gone through a variety of psychic attacks, and I found a thorough energy clearing is the most efficient way to get back to our normal self. Just like what had been mentioned in other blog articles, these attacks are here to make us stronger in our ascension journey, provided we “pass the test”. During this process I have learned different techniques to clear out these energies apart from building up stronger protection shielding over the time. Last but not least, to embrace love and living from the heart. Love has the greatest power of all; steer away from fear and not give power away to the dark forces. Have faith and trust that our support team is always there ~ it could be our Higher Selves or the Masters, guides, or guardian angels… all we need to do is ask.

The ascension journey is just like the mastery of surfing. There will be different types of waves ahead of the surfer, and only when the surfer is able to handle all kinds of waves, including how to come back up surfing again and again after the falls, can the surfer achieve the “Master” level. If you need assistance in identifying the psychic attacks, energy clearing or protections against different forms of attacks, welcome to send email to for free consultation or book a private session. Check out other services here. Please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and special offers.


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