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How Energy creates everything

In the vast tapestry of existence, everything is made of energy, and when energy vibrates, it generates frequencies. This profound principle underpins the very fabric of our universe. 

Consider the electromagnetic spectrum: as energy increases, the wavelength decreases, and vice versa. This spectrum reveals the intricate dance of energy, where vibration gives birth to light and sound. Yet, only specific wavelengths of these phenomena fall within the range of human perception, leaving much of this symphony unheard and unseen.

Super-consciousness as a computer screen

Energy, in its unlimited forms, can manifest as waves or particles, endowed with electronic and magnetic properties, and carrying positive, negative, or neutral charges. These diverse manifestations are all different facets of what can be termed Super-consciousness.

Imagine Super-consciousness as a computer screen. When the screen is off, similar to an unmanifested state, it appears blank, yet it remains present. When the screen is on, displaying images or videos, these visuals seem real. However, upon closer examination, we find that these images are composed of tiny pixels.

By altering colors and light at various speeds, these pixels create still images or moving pictures.

Similarly, at the core of our reality lies the atom, the fundamental unit of a chemical element. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons, the essential building blocks of everything we perceive.

Thus, the manifestation of energy as particles or waves is similar to the images displayed on a computer screen; it is the screen (Super-consciousness) that sustains these images.

Most people only see the images on the screen and not the screen itself. Super-consciousness, without distinct shape or form, is difficult to observe, even through scientific means.

The underlying reality

The challenge lies in recognizing that while we are captivated by the vivid images on the screen, the screen itself—Super-consciousness—remains the underlying reality.

Understanding this can lead to a profound shift in perception, allowing us to glimpse the boundless potential and subtle essence that sustains all existence.

Embracing this perspective opens the door to a deeper awareness of the energy that vibrates within and around us, connecting us to the infinite symphony of Super-consciousness.

Super-conscious is one of the key topics I’m sharing in my brand new book which is coming soon! This is for those who are interested in their own spiritual development. The book channels wisdom from my Higher Self, Vottus, and Thoth, the Egyptian God of writing, wisdom, and magic.

I am busy behind the scenes writing the book which is due to come out early next year, and you can join the waitlist now to be first to hear more news as the project progresses.

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