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Higher Self 100% Milestone - Healing from a Karmic Relationship

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Our ascension journeys are not always getting easier as we raise our vibrations. Instead, many of the old programs and attachments will be surfaced for us to purge in order to embody higher vibrations of the 5D New Earth reality. While Mother Earth is going through Her purging and darkness, many of us (including myself) are also riding the roller coasters in our lives as part of the ascension process.

From early May 2021 to mid-August 2023, it was 27 months in the process of embodying my Higher Self Vottus with the progression of 3 - 4% each month. I could feel the presence of my Higher Self more and more as the percentage increased, now I feel much more expansion in the heart and Vottus’ energy is much stronger after He is 100% in my Holy Heart, my soul is merged back with my Higher Self as One. Vottus is now the new Ascended Master.

Apart from the journey of embodying my Higher Self, it seems to me that “relationship” has been the main theme in my 3D reality since early last year. After working on my twin flame dynamics energetically for 9 months which involved lots of clearing and letting go (see My Twin Flame Journey), my Higher Self then brought me a karmic soulmate early this year with more intense experiences. I had been tested left, right and center, until I figured out my lessons in this relationship.

Everything happened for us with different reasons for our Soul evolution. It doesn’t matter if it’s twin flame or soulmate, almost all relationships are accompanied with karmic lessons to help us learn and grow. I had been working hard on this relationship which I followed the guidance from my Higher Self throughout the whole process. However, just a few days after my Higher Self is 100% embodied, the veils were lifted and I was able to leave this karmic relationship just in time. My Higher Self sent me the wake-up calls one after another that allowed me to review the red flags that I had ignored. The whole process went very quickly with my Higher Self’s energy. Then I realized it’s meant to cut ties from the past-life connections completely, and through this experience I’ll be able to help people to heal from similar situations.

I’m in awe of my Higher Self’s fast-moving energy that I was meant to fly out to UK in early September, unexpectedly, Vottus shifted the energy and timeline within a short period of time that I turned out flying back to my home country Taiwan in mid-September instead, to sort out some important documents and meetup with my relatives and friends during the short visit.

This whole experience tells me our Higher Selves always have our back, our job is to pick up the nudge and follow their guidance. I feel like just coming out of the storm and have been doing energy clearing from leaving this relationship - it involves forgiveness, cutting energy cords & hooks, releasing soul contracts, vows, agreements, clearing the root causes of the karmic patterns, cellular memories, healing from the traumas and wounds, etc. including all the past-life relationships connections. I feel much lighter and more grounded than ever. After passing the 7th Initiation, I'll be working on the rotations of all the ascension rays one by one. The ascension journey doesn't stop here just because of the Higher Self embodiment, instead, this is just the beginning, and I'll keep sharing my journey along the way.

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