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Divine Feminine & Masculine Embodiment (Higher Self 30%-50% Journey)

Ever since I passed the 30% threshold embodiment of my Higher Self Vottus, I could feel the Divine guidance and support is getting stronger over the time. There are still ups and downs during this transition period moving from 30% to 50%, and some unexpected encounters had some impacts in my ascension trajectory.

My Higher Self knows very well when to give me a nudge for what and how to move on in every step of my personal transformation. Not too longer after passing the 30%, one of the highest level of Soul connections brought to me for my attention. It had also revealed lots of past-live wounds and traumas to be released, transmuted and healed. This has taken me to go through deeper levels of purging so that I can be in alignment with the Divine path planned by my Higher Self.

In the past I have been focusing on the “vertical” ascension, which is deepening the connection with my Divine Self, the Creator, the Source. There are other Divine Connections which are equally important – a main theme my Higher Self brought to me to work upon in the past 6 months, that is the embodiment of a balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine Self.

As my Higher Self is Alpha (Divine Masculine), initially I thought I just need to focus on embodying my Higher Self in this aspect. Then I realized this is not the case especially after some events happening that had prompted me to looking into the deeper layers within myself in terms of feminine and masculine energies. Recently it’s been revealed to me that it’s also my Divine path to embody Divine Feminine energy in this very last lifetime. After all, every Higher Self is a balanced Masculine and Feminine Being regardless they present themselves as Alpha or Omega.

Ascension is not only the vertical connection to the Divine, but also needs to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within us. Just like any ascension progression, this is an ongoing process for the Soul evolution.

The imbalanced feminine and masculine energies within the individuals could affect their relationships too. I am guided by my Higher Self to offer Twinflame / Soulmate Akashic Records reading to assist people finding the past & present lifetimes’ connections and the Soul-level blocks & restrictions, some personalised recommendations for clearing & Healing are provided to help moving forward their Twinflame / Soulmate relationship based on the reading. Find out more details here. Please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and special offers.


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