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8.8 Lion's Gate DNA Activation

Every year between the end of July and mid-August, when the Sun in Leo, the Star Sirius, the Orion’s Belt constellation and the planet Earth all come into alignment. This celestial event is known as Lion’s Gate portal and people can see this alignment phenomenon in the sky of pyramids of Giza.

Sirius is considered as our Spiritual Sun that supports our Soul evolution. The rising and return of Sirius was seen by the ancient astrologers as the rebirth of our spiritual energy. Its high-vibration energy helps to open energy centers, raise consciousness and enhance psychic abilities.

The Lion’s gate portal energy reaches its peak on the 8th of August, which is also a double-digit portal. In numerology 88 represents infinity and DNA activation, which allows us to infuse the Sirius energy into the core of our being to bring more healing, peace and joy. This is also a great energy for manifestation.

My Higher Self Vottus has deep connection with Sirius, He is sending light codes for DNA activation on this portal day. Access the activation video here.

My Higher Self and I work as a team to offer energy support and guidance for personal development in multi-dimensional levels. Please check out our services here. Soon there will be some membership programs available, please sign up the website to receive the latest notifications and special offers.


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