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369 and Keys for Manifestation

We are approaching the end of 2022. It's the time of the year to review what we have achieved in 2022, and what to bring forth and create for 2023. Everything we have now is the result of the choices we made and actions we took in the past. In order to make a change we need to see what’s working and what’s not, and most important of all, what we can do to make a difference.

The material world we live in is made of energy, frequency and vibration – they are what’s operating behind the scenes. We co-create this physical experience on Earth through our conscious and subconscious knowingly or unknowingly. For any manifestation to take place, we need to gather energies with intentions in order to manifest in real life.

Affirmation statements and visualization are the techniques often used in the manifestation process, however, not many people know remove the blocks and tap into the “right energy” are the keys for the manifestation. The “right energy” refers to the vibration match in terms of ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’.

Depending on the goals, some manifestations do need lots of energy support to make them happen, that’s why people use powerful planetary portal energies such as Solar / Lunar Eclipse, New Moon / Full Moon, Solstice / Equinox, or numerological portal days to assist with the manifestation. In addition, the higher consciousness we connect, the more powerful energy we tap into for the manifestation.

This year is number 6 (2+0+2+2), my birthday is on the 9th of December (1+2=3), which is also a 3.6.9 portal day, I am guided to offer a special event on this day. “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla. Every number has its energy signature and attributes, and 3, 6, 9 are highly spiritual numbers that have great manifestation power.

On this 3.6.9 energy portal day we are connecting to the higher consciousness and explore the potential of 369 energies in a Manifestation Chamber. I will be sharing some powerful manifestation techniques and remove blocks in the guided meditation (via Zoom). Replay will be available if you are not able attend the live session. Find out more information here.

There will be more live manifestation meditation events in 2023, please subscribe the newsletter for the latest blog and special offers. Free Moonstone membership is now available for you to have unlimited access to crystal infused sound bath healing, various guided meditation, crystal infused mandala meditation, selected past live events recordings etc. Check out my other services here.


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