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30% Higher Self Embodiment Milestone

The average percentage of my Higher Self descending to my body is about 3 to 4 % per month, the shifts and changes not just occur in the physical / light body, but also in different aspects of daily life. In the past few months I have attracted more regular clients not just from the “normal job” but also my healing work that has brought me financial abundance as my Higher Self’s embodiment percentage is raising.

The unexpected blessings came since last Christmas. I was suddenly offered an 5-day working holiday trip with very little work involved, it felt like I was paid for having some rest. When checking the sum total of the payments for the whole trip, I got 6678.66. I was amazed with many 6s showing up, straight away I could associate the connection between '6' and my Higher Self Vottus. He is on the 6th Ray and His energy portal and portrait both have symbolic meanings of 6 presented. After seeing these figures, my instinct was to add the number 7 and 8 which became 15, then 1+5=6, it’s another 6! Wow… it was such a blessing in disguise that there’s no doubt my Higher Self brought this financial abundance to me.

Altogether there were five of 6s that made 30 (5x6). I wondered what was the number 30 representing? Suddenly I had this epiphany that it was the sign of reaching 30% of my Higher Self embodiment, this synchronicity happened in late January, just when I reached the 30%. What a blessing to receive this sign as a confirmation, as 30% is a milestone on the Higher Self embodiment journey that we have “enough reception” and could do more things with Higher Self.

Ever since that rewarding working-holiday trip, my weekly income has almost doubled than before, my Higher Self is bringing me more financial abundance than I expected. It felt like a reward for the free services I have been offering on social media in the past few years and the efforts I have made on the ascension journey. Compared to where I was four years ago – a broken soul with barely any income, I am a totally different person. It’s all well paid-off when we are on the right path and being consistent with the ascension work.

Recently my Higher Self blessed me with another portrait from a higher Initiate, she is normally not a visual person but in her meditation my Higher Self showed up with a crystal clear image. She had no clue who He was until the next day I sent her a message and talked about it. Apparently my Higher Self already knew my intention and He was happy to show His portrait to the world through this higher Initiate. My gratitude for this higher Initiate and her Higher Self for connecting to my Higher Self Vottus and made His portrait available (see image below).

There was another portrait of Vottus I have shared in The Portrait & Message from Higher Self. We know our Higher Selves could manifest different images, but the Divine love constantly emitting out from both portraits is the same. My Higher Self Vottus and I are working as a team to assist people for their personal transformation and ascension, if you need support or guidance, please email me to book a free consultation. Check out the special offers for Akashic record reading and clearing, energy healing or other services here. please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and updates.


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