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2.22.222 Portal Transmission for Soul Alignment

2.22.2022 is a powerful portal day, in numerology 2 represents the energy of duality, partnership, relationship and balance. The key lessons are generally centered around acceptance, compassion, cooperation and harmony. The number 22 is known as “master builder” that channels cosmic wisdom and turns visions into reality. When there are multiple 2s, the energy is multi-fold and extremely powerful, we can use this energy for manifestation.

As mentioned earlier, number 2 represents duality and balance. There is no right or wrong for a Soul to experience different levels of consciousness, it’s through experiencing the various spectrum of duality to expand our consciousness for our soul evolution. And we need to seek balance within our Souls and explore what is serving our highest good .

Over these years I realize "spiritual awakening" and "ascension" are the two wings to expand and raise our consciousness. One of the main reasons we chose to incarnate in this realm of duality is to fast forward our soul evolution, therefore both light and dark play their roles in our awakening and ascension journey, and the easiest way to stay in balance is to embrace duality with love and compassion, respect each other’s free will, and stand in our power.

Energetically, it’s important to remain balanced in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and in aligned with our Divine Blueprint, this is what Soul alignment is about. It also makes the manifestation easier when we are in alignment with our Soul purpose. I connected my Higher Self and Masters to bring through the pure vibration of the 2.22.222 portal energy from the 5th dimension. The energy transmission can be activations, downloads, clearing, healing or guidance messages for your Soul alignment, access the video recording here.

If you need further assistance, I offer Akashic Soul Realignment reading to anchor people’s Divine Blueprint and find out the root causes that are holding people back. I also help people to remove the patterns, implants, programs and energy body clearing, etc. to move forward with ease in their ascension journey. Please subscribe the website to receive the latest blog and special offer notifications. Find out the special offers of the services here.


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