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Hidden Traps in the Conspiracy Theory

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

While the planetary vibration is raising, more and more people are awakening. As mentioned in the previous blog, more challenges appear in the simulation game when the level goes higher. According to the University Law of Polarity, everything has its equal opposite. Polarity is part of the built-in mechanism in our human experience that we don’t know “light” without “darkness”. There is no right or wrong in the polarity – Ying and Yang, positive and negative, etc. these polarity pairings are necessary for us to experience both sides of the polarity. Conspiracy Theory is one of the catalysts to reveal certain truth in the recent Great Awakening movement by exposing the “dark agenda”.

By means of the wide-spreading social media platforms, the Conspiracy Theorists are attracting more and more people’s attention by revealing certain degree of truth in their exposures. Every coin has two sides, while the Conspiracy Theory seems to wake people up, there are some hidden traps worthwhile to be brought up for people’s attention; some suggestions are also included in this article.

#1 Trap People in Anger or Fear

The information revealed in the exposure could often be shocking, unless people don’t believe in all that will totally ignore, but for those choose to believe, how many people could really remain neutral, calm and not affected? How many people have been triggered with anxiety, anger or fear, etc.? Any information that triggers people’s lower emotions need to be examined closely – are they trying to uplift people’s awareness or trapping people in lower vibration of fear, anger or anxiety? Be mindful of our emotional reactions is crucial when receiving these information, discernment is always needed.

#2 Mental Programming

The authenticity of the exposures is often not that easy to identify. When there is no direct evidence, people need to be convinced with some logical rationales. Finding the truth is like jumping into a rabbit hole, some people are attracted to dig deeper and deeper. However, in the story-telling process, are they really telling the true story or implanting another mental program instead? Or a mixture of both? Another discernment tip is paying attention to where it’s leading to, is there another believe system (mental program) been introduced to trap people in certain vibration?

#3 Give Power Away to the Dark Forces

“Wherever our attention goes, the energy goes”, it’s the power of manifestation. Conspiracy Theorists could give detailed stories of how the agendas been executed and draw people’s attention to the dark side operations. When the exposures are to “warn” people, they could be also overpowering the “dark agendas” and give power away to the lower vibrational beings. There’s nothing wrong to know what’s been playing on the dark side, but it’s always important to recognize our Divine power and remain in higher vibration, stand in our power instead of giving the power away.

#4 Attach Lower Vibrations

Pandemic and the U.S. president election are probably two of the hottest global discussion topics in the past year. There have been massive information and exposures shared via various social media platforms around these hot topics. Apart from lots of emotions been triggered, not many people are aware of certain low vibrations/frequencies have also been imposed in the information delivery process, either through people (especially those celebrities who have greater influences) or the social media network/devices themselves. Pay attention to the lower vibration energy that’s been attached, regular energy clearing and protection is recommended to reduce the impacts of these lower vibrations been broadcasted.

#5 Diverted External Solutions

As mentioned earlier, conspiracy theory could impose some false beliefs to keep the truth seekers getting stuck in the lower vibration. They could even reveal as much as 99% of truth, but it only needs 1% of manipulation to trap people. Often, we could see certain “saviors” are promoted to give people hope, it could be a certain God figure, a political figure, certain military or spaceship operation, etc. They could divert people’s attentions to the external solutions by giving power away to another authorities. The ultimate solution that can really change the world starts from going within, focusing on inner work, embracing our Divine power and anchored in love and compassion.

While seeking the truth, always make our own discernments to what we see and what we hear, the energy never lies. On the 10.10 Portal Meditation for Detox & Protection online event, Joy will be revealing more information for the truth seekers ranging from how the toxic information been delivered, the energy impacts from the toxins contained in the food, air, water, medications, vaccines, etc. followed by some energy work on detox and protection during the meditation, This live Zoom meeting is a free event as a special offer, to RSVP or find out more details about all events and recordings here. Please subscribe to receive updates & special offer notifications.


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