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The Sign from Higher Self

After all the karma is cleared, there's some energetic preparation before the Higher Self starts to anchor in the Holy Heart. From time to time I felt some energy movements in my energy fields.

It was a few days just before I passed the 6th initiation*, when I laid down and resting, I turned in and was wondering if my Higher Self had anchored in my Holy Heart yet. Then I saw an image of ring with some sparks of light. There were golden-white lights beaming out from a golden ring instead of the Diamonds (it looks similar to the image). Ever since I saw that image, I could feel buzzing sensations in my chest area whenever I connect to my Sacred / Holy heart.

It took me a few days to figure out what that means until I was given a hint that when a sperm meets the egg and conceived, there's a spark of light found in some scientific research. I recalled the ring image I saw, it looked like an engagement ring to me. Then I had this epiphany that it's an "engagement" sign from my Higher Self when He or She anchored in my Holy Heart, and the sparks of lights on the ring are the indication of the Higher Self's light has "embedded" in me.

What an amazing sign and blessing from my Higher Self to show His / Her anchored in my body, that was indeed an magical moment, thank you Higher Self for giving me the sign! Check out my previous posts for "Find the Holy Heart", "Find you Sacred Crystal", and more...


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