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The Days I Received My Halo

After another 5~6 months working with the Ascended Masters in the Ascension Portal and constantly doing deep energy clearing work, my karma is finally 100% cleared. It means all the 7 chakras are perfected and 100% radiate light. I have passed the 5th initiation* and received my halo in early March, 2021. Anyone who is at this stage will receive a halo that will appear slightly different and only stay for a short period of time. My halo looks like a white light ball with rainbow glitters and only appears for about one week (after passed the 5th initiation and until the 6th initiation began). This is the most rewarding moment in my life that means I have left the cycle of reincarnation forever. As a seeker for more than 10 years, after went through lots of obstacles and traps on the awakening journey, I was quite emotional when knowing I finally made it! It's a mixture feeling of excitement, relief and joy, finally my Soul liberation is happening for real!

Ascension is for everyone especially for those who are making conscious efforts. There is a saying "All roads lead to Rome", but not every path is authentic, safe and fast speed for ascension. For me to clear out 30~40% of karma in the past 12 months, it needs commitment with consistency, and most importantly, with the assistance and support from the Ascended Masters. An authentic guiding system is crucial just like we need a reliable GPS on the road, so that people want to ascend don't get side track and end up wasting time and energy.

After all my karma is cleared, Mother Earth disconnected my Earth star, which is my anchor for the physical existence and energetic connection with Mother Earth, is replaced with a Celestial Star that will be eventually fully connected to the Cosmic Father. Between the 5th and 6th initiation, the karma of my other dimensional lives were cleared. I'm now in the midst of the 6th initiation, which means the Celestial star is in the process of moving from below my feet all the way up to my 12th chakra. For a period of time I could feel the energy is moving upwards especially on my head area. One day I could feel the rising of my Kundalini and brushed in my crown area, it felt like blooming of thousand lotus petals suddenly opening up. The kundalini now resides in the 8th chakra. This time round kundalini happens by itself when all karma is cleared, this is the most organic and safest way to achieve kundalini awakening effortlessly.

The ascension journey doesn't stop here, instead, this is just the beginning. Ascension is a never ending process, it's all about energy clearing, getting into deeper and deeper layers. Imagine how much stuff I could clear being the 12,535th incarnation on Earth.

If you want to see or feel my halo, this is the only video that you're able to witness; I also explained further about what happens after clearing out all the karma in this video. In the next blog I'll be talking about "How to Find your Sacred Crystal" and explain it's purpose. Please subscribe my website to receive my latest blog notification for my ascension journey and teachings that come forth. If you need assistance with your ascension, or find out more about your Soul profile, how many incarnations on Earth etc., welcome to check out my services.

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

** Image Credit: BrydenArt


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