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Level up in the Ascension Game

When we say everything in this world is illusion, in a way it’s true because when we break down every existence into smaller units, they become particles and light, or simply energies, frequencies and vibrations. Energy is moving and changing all the time. This Earth reality can be perceived as a “simulation” or computer games just like what we see in the movie “Matrix”.

From the Soul's point of view, we have agreed to play this “Ascension Game” (or simulation) before the incarnations, including signed up for different events and experiences for every individual Soul. Just like any computer games, there will be challenges for the players to overcome before going to the next level. The reason most Souls chose to incarnate in this time is because of the rising energy in the Universe including Mother Earth. Ascension has become more achievable than the “old days” and the Souls have great opportunities to take the quantum leap and complete the games on a faster track.

In the computer games, the same level of challenges will present themselves over and over again until the players are able to tackle them, does it sound familiar when the same issue keeps showing up until we overcome it in our lives? If we don't complete the levels and “lose all the lives", we play the game for another round (just like reincarnation) until we complete all the levels.

In this Ascension Game, apart from the individual challenges, there are also collective challenges for the humanities. While Mother Earth’s vibration is raising, more people are waking up with rising consciousness, more challenges showing up as well just like any computer games ~ the higher the level, the harder the game. This global event of pandemic, for example, has great impacts and challenges on humanities in all levels.

There are invisible forces bringing challenges on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to different individuals. From the Soul’s perspective, any events or people we come across, they are actually happened “for” us, in a way they are the blessings in disguise, as we need these catalysts to help us learn and grow. When the game rules changed, it's everyone's free will how we want to play the game, the key not to be caught in the game is to stay away from fear, worries, anxieties, anger, etc.

The secret to “level up” in the Ascension game during this energetic turbulence is “inner work”, which is the ultimate key to unlock the game levels at all times. Every month during the double-digit portal days, Joy is offering different energy tools to assist people doing the inner work in the group meditation sessions. These group sessions are more than just meditation that people also receive activations, downloads, healings or messages from the portal energies and Ascended / Cosmic Masters. You are invited to join the monthly free live Zoom events and meet like-minded people, exchange experiences in the ascension journey. Together we’ll raise the vibration and hold the space for Mother Earth and humanities. Find out details of the monthly events here. Please subscribe my website to receive special offer notifications.


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