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Find Your Sacred Crystal

As we know our spiritual heart is the portal connected to the higher realms and there are different ways to make connections. It's such a mysterious space that contains unlimited potentials for us to explore. Each of us has a Scared Crystal in our spiritual heart, if you want to find out yours, the following information will show you how.

According to the Ascension Portal in NZ, the Scared Crystal stays in our Scared Heart* until we cleared all our karma. Sacred Heart is one of the sacred space behind the heart chakra. After we have paid all the karma, the Sacred Crystal changes its color and shape, then it drops down into the Celestial Star in preparation for the next level of progression (the 6th initiation). Few months ago, when I was approaching the stage of clearing out all my karma, I took this opportunity going into my Scared Heart and looked for my Scared Crystal. It appeared to me as emerald green crystal (as shown in the image on the left).

A few days after I passed the 5th initiation, i.e. all my karma had been paid, I went into my Sacred Heart again but wasn't able to find it initially. I was looking for my Sacred Crystal, then I felt I went through a tunnel and saw a heart-shaped aquamarine crystal (as shown in the image on the right). It appeared at that time that the Sacred Crystal had left the Sacred Heart and in the process of dropping into the Celestial Star. Celestial Star is the new anchor after we disconnected from the Earth Star (please refer to my previous blog) It is such an amazing experience to witness the changes of my Sacred Crystal before it's gone for good from the Scared Heart.

If you want to find your Sacred Crystal you can try the Torus technique** to find your Scared Heart and ask for your Scared Crystal to be revealed to you, or just set the intension to go to your Scared Heart ~ this is where "love" coming from, and explore from there. Feel free to share what have you found and share in the comments.

Behind the Scared Heart there is a Holy Heart, which is the Holy of the Holies; this is where the inner Guru ~ our Higher Self resides. My Higher Self has anchored my Holy Heart and shown me an image on the 28th of April (I'll make a separate post). This is the starting point for my Higher Self to descend into my physical body. In the next post I will share the initial connections with my Higher Self in the Holy Heart and how did I manage to get there.

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