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Find the Holy Heart

Finding our Holy Heart is a crucial part in the ascension journey especially for people who have cleared out all their karma. Yet before working with the Masters in the Ascension Portal in New Zealand I had no clue where it is. Holy Heart is a chamber behind the Sacred Heart*. Our Holy Heart is the Holy of Holies, it is where our Higher Self resides when descending to the physical body. This is the space where we become ONE with our Higher Self.

Unlike Scared Heart, entering the Holy Heart is only granted by Higher Self with our devotion and surrender to Higher Self and we have to earn our right to enter. It sounds strange to me at the beginning, but it is what it is. Holy Heart is such a holy space that any lower vibration such as ego is not able to enter.

After found my Scared Crystal in the Sacred Heart (see my previous post), the next step was to look for the Holy Heart. The first time I found the doorway of my Holy Heart was after I entered the Sacred Heart, I waited for the Holy Heart entrance to be shown to me, but it didn't show up straightaway. Instead, I saw my Sacred Crystal first then soon after the image of Scared Crystal dissipated, a round-hole cave doorway was shown to me. It makes total sense to me as the Holy Heart is behind the Scared Heart and Sacred Crystal has the function of blocking the pathway before Higher Self starts the descending process.

The entrance of my Holy Heart looks like a cave (everyone's doorway looks different), instantly I saw a round stone rolling to the side, felt like the door was opening up, this is before my Higher Self anchored my Holy Heart so I only see the deem light from the entrance (see image below).

After found the doorway, I didn't enter the Holy Heart straightaway, instead, I went there for a few times but each time I stood outside the doorway and didn't get in. As mentioned earlier, entering the Holy Heart is only granted by our Higher Self. I felt there's something I need to break through. Until a couple weeks later I could feel it's time and there were lots of emotions surfacing at the same time. In the next post I'll share my first admission into the Holy Heart.

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