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Life Coaching

Life Coaching for Your Transformation to 5D

Life Coaching

There are lots of opinions about the split timeline between 3D and 5D, and what it means. For me it refers to the collective phenomenon as a general term, and I would like to get more people in the process of exiting 3D and progressing into the 5D reality through my coaching.


When global events such as the pandemic cause lots of fear, anxiety and depression, people tend to tune in the lower vibration of consciousness and emotions. In this way, they often get trapped in the lower density of timeline which we call the 3D reality.

There is no judgement here. People have the free will to choose the reality they wish to manifest. But for people who want to anchor to the higher vibration timeline, it’s important for them to keep raising their vibrations high through inner work or energy clearing on a regular basis.

We may consider turmoil as the catalysts for purging and clearing, and thus difficulty can bring different outcomes based on what level of consciousness people are anchoring to. When people choose fear, they generate more mental and emotional blockages for themselves that will lower their vibration further. On the other hand, when people choose to anchor love and peace, they stay in a more positive state of being and take the opportunity to look into their own fear, traumas and wounds that surface for clearing.


This doesn’t mean that people anchored in higher vibrations don’t have fear or anxiety at all, but that they choose to release and let go, allowing them to stay anchored in the higher vibration of love and compassion. Consequently, they are able to process the discordant energies faster and become less reactive emotionally.


As I have mentioned in my videos, the spiritual battle between light and dark has been playing out on this planet for a very long time. In order for us to experience light, the dark needs to exist. Each element plays its role and this creates the phenomenon of polarity that we choose to experience or witness in our physical incarnation on this planet. The phenomenon of light and dark we perceive as external, is often the reflection of our internal battles as well.


People have different perspectives about light and dark, but I believe in the organic timeline. In this paradigm, light and dark are supposed to coexist in harmony, but when the dark goes to the extreme and becomes disconnected from the Source, it creates disharmony and imbalance. Consequently, the dark forces trap souls in the lower vibration and feed on their energies in order to survive. This phenomenon of the battle between light and dark can be seen in both the individual and collective levels.


All these events are the wake-up calls for you to look and listen. You can learn what we are not and remember who we truly are. We are the fractal of the Source and we are powerful creators. For many people it’s time to awaken, and ascend to 5D and above.  


As I mentioned earlier, anchoring to a higher timeline is a difficult process, but how do we anchor and ascend to the 5D reality permanently and go beyond? 5D is the vibrational bandwidth of unconditional love and neutrality without judgment or negativity. When people choose to ascend consciously, they often start the journey with clearing and purging discordant energies out of their energy bodies.


Most people know how to anchor to the 5D reality through keeping their vibration high, but it’s still possible for people to flick back if the clearing and purging haven’t been done enough to sustain the high vibration. It’s normal to experience some energy turbulence and movement between these two different timelines. This is due to inner resistance, or deeply-seeded patterns that constantly pull you back. It’s important to keep up the inner work and anchor to a higher consciousness with consistency.  


So what’s the key? What’s the secret to stay in the 5D timeline permanently? Well, the answer is: work on reducing your karma until it’s 100% cleared. In other words, when all the 7 chakras are in 100% illumination, your soul will be truly free of the cycle of reincarnation and finally ascend.

This is the true ascension, and it is now possible for all of humanity to choose this path. For more information about where we will go next and how 5D life coaching can help you achieve higher possibilities in the 5D reality, check out the Awakening with Joy services here. In addition to offering 5D life coaching, I offer a long list of other types of healing and reading services.

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