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Christ Consciousness

What It Means to Achieve Greater Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

I understand that a lot of people who come through me at Awakening with Joy are not religious. They do not want religion to be at the center of the process as we seek out higher planes of existence via soul realignment reading or coaching program.

However, Christ Consciousness is a form of that awakened consciousness that Ascended Masters have; one that we can all hope to achieve. Christ Consciousness is a state of awareness in which we best understand ourselves as our true souls are; as we are the sparks of light of the Universe or however you perceive of the highest plane of existence.

This last part is important because I want to underscore that no one is without the possibility of Christ Consciousness and the Christ vibration does not belong solely to those who follow a Christian line of belief. Christ Consciousness is achievable when we clear out all our karma, and our other dimensional lives all go back to our Soul Parent/Higher Self. As we go through this process, we can embody our Higher Self and merge with the Christ Consciousness.

Soul realignment is about recognizing that we can all express our Divinity and express the Truth in our lives. To do this requires mediation and often requires the use of what are called Akashic record readings.

Akashic Record Soul realignment reading is one of the tools to assist you in recognizing your Divine Blueprint, so that you can all express your Divinity and live your soul purpose. The Akashic Record is the Book of Life that records every souls’ journey from the very beginning. It is the key to find out your Soul origination (star system), Soul special gifts, secondary God Spark and many more details in your Soul profile This will help you to have clarity for your soul journey. It also reveals the blocks, restrictions, and karmic patterns that may steer your path away from re-connecting to the Christ Consciousness.

To learn more about these different paths, how you can undergo soul realignment, and the greater overall path of achieving Christ Consciousness, simply reach out. I work with no prejudice and an open mind. You and I are simply going to work together to heal your past and help you live with a greater purpose along your journey of ascension and transformation. Click here for more information at Awakening with Joy.

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