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Ascended Master

Taking Cues from The Ascended Masters

Ascended Master

As you research into ascension healing and achieving greater planes of consciousness, you will undoubtedly run into the term 'Ascended Master.' The Ascended Master can be confusing to some who enter work with me, especially those who enter as agnostic or without any belief in a specific higher power as many who I call an Ascended Master are seen as connected with certain religious texts and belief systems.


Yet, one must first see that it is partially because of their ascension that they are so renowned as an Ascended Master. Regardless of whether or not you believe in any given religion, it is important to see ascension as a thing that runs concurrently with those major religious forces.


Those that we call an Ascended Master are those that achieved the highest evolution of being, that has gone beyond worldly needs to exist on a higher spiritual plane while existing in the world. Jesus, Kuan-Yin, Buddha, and St. Germain are all individuals who once walked on Earth, and completed dedicated inner work to clear out all karma and achieve ascension. While we are working toward achieving their levels of ascension, we can undergo Ascension healing.


Ascension healing is an unwinding process through which we look to heal your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies; and to do so in all time, space, and dimensions. We call upon the Ascended Masters to assist with the clearing and healing necessary for our ascension journey. Ascension is an ongoing process, and it is both the purpose and responsibility of the Ascended Masters to help us.


The goal of this Ascension is to raise our consciousness and light quotient by clearing our karma and karmic patterns. Click here to learn more about the process and to learn how the Ascended Masters can help speed along your ascension journey at Awakening with Joy.

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