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Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Readings for Soul Realignment

Akashic Record Reading

We all live busy lives. In fact, our society is one that verifiably worships the state of busyness -- and if you aren't busy rushing to work or social engagements, then you are busy with distractions like social media. It is understandable to get caught up with life as the human condition is diverse and chaotic and yet, one of the healthiest things you can do is to take a moment and understand your soul via an Akashic record reading.


Your soul is your essence and it is my belief, the belief of many, that your soul is not just connected with this one life. Rather, it has travelled through many lifetimes, undergoing many triumphs and trials along the way. Those journeys equate to a karmic trail that lies behind your soul and the purpose of an Akashic record reading is twofold. First, an Akashic record reading is designed to help you understand the journey of your soul; where it stopped, and what challenges it met; challenges that may very well be reverberating into your current life. Secondly, an Akashic record reading prepares you for an Akashic record clearing.


But before we get to that, let's take a look at just how an Akashic record reading can help you better yourself. You see, your Akashic record is a term used to describe the whole energetic imprint of the various actions, emotions, thoughts, and memories your soul has experienced throughout each of its lifetimes. I provide an Akashic record reading in order to help you better understand that energy and provide benefits like:


  •  Helping you find your soul group of origination (star system) and your Divine Blueprint (your special soul gift) so you can manifest properly and succeed with less struggle.

  •  Helping you find the root energetic causes of karmic patterns in your relationships or life circumstances, which may still create challenges in your life.

  •  Recognizing any energy blocks reverberating from the past that are preventing you from moving forward in the present, during a Soul Realignment reading.

  •  Finding a greater purpose and life path, through life lessons aligned with your soul's journey


Following an Akashic record reading for Soul Realignment, we can talk about having an Akashic record clearing. An Akashic record cleaning is a sort of therapy that is done to help you release certain vibrational residue, trauma, that may be clinging onto your soul from previous lifetimes. Click here for more information about Awakening with Joy.

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