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Abundance Manifestation

Steps to Abundance Manifestation

Abundance Manifestation

Abundance is defined as the state of being in plentiful supply. Our capitalistic-oriented state most often associates abundance with money. If you are abundant in money, you don't generally have to worry about other material things, because money can buy almost everything. 

However, you might be surprised to learn that the most powerful abundance manifestation is not about working towards financial abundance; it is more about setting the right goal and anchoring the proper energy with effective techniques. When I’m working as your life coach on your path to abundance manifestation, I'm putting you into the state of being where you can manifest or attract all types of abundance. Only your mind and your willpower can limit you.

That said, there are some key steps that we will walk if you choose to hire me as your spirit guide towards abundance manifestation. First, the absolute most important starting stage is to begin by setting the right goal. Money is NOT the ultimate goal because money itself can’t do anything for us. We can’t eat money, we don’t drive money, we don’t wear money, we want to EXCHANGE money for our true desires. 

Money is merely a medium. If you want to manifest a nice meal, it doesn’t have to come from getting money. A nice meal can come from someone such as friends or family members making a meal for you. As long as the meal is manifested, it doesn’t really matter how. That's the power of manifestation.

Retaining positive energy is not always an easy task, especially for those who look to me as their life coach. Many of them have constantly struggled with troubling life events and a sense of scarcity. My primary goal as your life coach is to take you to a space of super-consciousness and manifest from that point.

Last but not the least, you need effective manifestation techniques to boost your success rate, and to remove your blockages before starting the manifestation process. These three elements are the keys to abundance manifestation, but you can only approach them with authenticity after you have cracked all the locks on your energetic level. To learn more about abundance manifestation and how I can help you as a life coach, click here for my Awakening with Joy services.

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