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Hi, my name is Joy. I'm an energy healer, reader and intuitive coach. I am the 6th Initiate and have left the cycle of rebirth. My passion is to share my insights and experiences over the past 10+ years as a wayshower to support people's awakening and ascension.  I offer energy healing, Akashic Record reading and Soul realignment coaching to support the individual’s well-being in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to accelerate their personal development and transformation.

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A few years ago, in the midst of my awakening journey, I came across some major challenges on my spiritual journey and learned lessons the hard way. After many months of recovery, I resumed my spiritual path again in late 2018 and started to share inspirational posts on Facebook, and various meditation and energy transmission videos on YouTube to raise people's vibration and consciousness. 

My ascension journey has accelerated to the next level since working with the Masters from the Ascension Portal in New Zealand. I have left the cycle of rebirth since early March 2021 and started the process of embodying my Higher Self (passed the 6th initiation). I’m now connected to the Christ Consciousness through the energy rewiring from The Lily and Beyond and currently the 2-Carat Diamond Lily. I share these internal journey and teachings in my Blog to assist people walking their awakening and ascension paths. 


I am a certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Quantum Touch healer, and Access Bars (Access Consciousness) Practitioner. Through accessing the personal Soul profiles, I help people to learn about their original Divine Blueprint, life lessons, karmic patterns, including in their relationships with others, life situations, etc. for personal transformation and Soul evolution. I work with my Higher Self Vottus, the Masters and Archangels to accelerate the individual’s spiritual growth and transformation through Akashic Records reading and clearing, light codes, multi-dimensional healing, and coaching. Please see my Sessions for more information.


Ex-Cult Member Support

In the quest of my soul purpose and mission, I have learned massive lessons from joined a spiritual group which is classified (2018) as a dangerous cult, here is the news report: Bad Vibrations ~ The Implosion of a New Age Cult, my cult storyThe Untold Truth: Control or Destroy Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and podcast interview Joy Kuo & Iphigenie Amoutzias' Story. After many months of recovery I'm back to my spiritual path again in 2018, welcome to have a chat with me if you or someone you know get involved in a cult and seek for support, resources or healing.  

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